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Borough Hall Business Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Raritan River Clean-up

High Bridge residents young and old volunteer to pick up litter along the South Branch of the Raritan River which runs through our town. This was part of the Raritan Headwaters Association’s annual Stream Clean Up day.

Wet Wipes Awareness

Wet wipes, long used for baby care, have grown popular with adults. Some of the products are labeled as “flushable” — a characterization contested by wastewater officials. Flushable wipes are marketed in a variety of ways, such as “breaks down like toilet paper” and “safe for sewer and septic.”

The problem is that they appear to take longer to break down when compared to traditional toilet paper, and as a result have caused major blockages in sewer systems. Wet wipes, which do not disintegrate the way traditional toilet paper does, often combine with other materials, like congealed grease, which can clog and damage plumbing. Wipes that clog pipes can lead to blockages that can cause sewage overflow into basements or streams.

If you swill a piece of toilet roll around in some water, it takes seconds for it to disintegrate. Try the same thing with a wet wipe.

In addition to wipes, there are also other cleaning products that are labeled as “flushable” which may go down the toilet but they are not breaking down sufficiently enough. This has led to clogged pipes and jammed pumps in sewer systems across the country.

If you are concerned about whether flushable products are causing a problem to your system, stop flushing the items in question. Instead, bag them and place them in your garbage for collection. When in doubt, just because an item says it can be flushed doesn’t mean it should be.

Wanted:  Committee Secretary

Cultural and Heritage committee is looking for a secretary, to take notes during our meetings, third tuesday of every month at 7:30, and occasional letter writing.  Minimum 5 hours a month, more if willing.  no experience necessary.  Interest in History, Arts or culture helpful.  Be a part of our team, help preserve High Bridge’s historic structures, help develop interesting programming.  Interested parties please contact the Chair, Eric Erb,

March 26, 2015 Council Meeting

Change of Meeting Time


March 26, 2015 Council Meeting Agenda


March 26, 2015 Council Meeting Minutes


3-26 Sunshine Notice

33-2015 RESOLUTION Acting Clerk Appointment

85-2015 Resolution NHYB Parade

86-2015 Resolution Fire Department Raffles

87-2015 Resolution Fire Department Social affairs permit

88-2015 Resolution Public Health Interlocal

89-2015 Resolution Planning Board Secretary

90-2015 Resolution Soap Box Derby

91-2015 Resolution reject of bids

92-2015 Resolution Theater dates

93-2015 Resolution Lien Redemption 402-3

Bill list 3-26

March 12, 2015 Council Meeting


March 12, 2015_Council Meeting Agenda


March 12, 2015 Council Meeting Minutes



3-12-15 Bill list Final

33-2015 RESOLUTION Acting Clerk Appointment

70-2015 Resolution Temp Appointment Nina Carvajal

71-2015 Resolution Temp Appointment Dylan Bauer

72-2015 Resolution Michael Banfield NJFA

73-2015 Resolution term OEM Coordinator

74-2015 Escrow Refund -Hughes 03-12-15

75-2015 Escrow Refund os duty – Lamberts 03-12-15

76-2015 Refund Elect Fee – Lehar – 03-12-15

77-2015 LOSAP Award 2014

78-2015 Resolution amend reso 61

80-2015 Resolution Enviromental Committee Events

81-2015 Resolution Temp Hire Jeff Smith.

82-2015 Resolution newspaper

83-2015 Shred Event Authorization – 03-12-15

84-2015 Resolution Budget Intro

84-2015 Resolution SAMR

2014 Losap_Fire

2015-02 Training Amending Section 601

2015-10 Ordinance Liability of the Borough

2015-11 An Ordinance amending 303-12 section_E_subsection_5 reserve sewer capacity


February 12, 2015 Council Meeting

Notice; Agendas only will be provided at the Council Meeting.  Resolutions and Ordinances will be posted for review only.


2.12.15 Agenda


2.12.15 Minutes


Bill List 2_10_15

33-2015 RESOLUTION Acting Clerk Appointment

46-2015 Resolution Rollback Taxes sig

59-2015 Resolution Temporary Clerical Assistance final

58-2015 Award of Contract RBZ Enterprises final

57-2015 Refund Background Check – Lai final

56-2015 Refund Background Check – Gilliam final

55-2015 Recycling Grant & Recycling Coordinator final

54-2015 Purchases from Memberships 02-12-15 final

53-2015 Authorization to Accept Electronic Payments final

52-2015 Lien Redemptions final

51-2015 Resolution Municipal Alliance final

50-2015 Resolution Kristen Poe_Linda Gretta final

49-2015 Resolution Transit Village sign

48-2015 Resolution Tax Appeals sign

47-2015 Resolution New Hire David Gilliam sig

2015_1 PROCLAMATION Hunterdon Huskies

Oridnance Notices 2015-1_2_4_5_6_7_8

2015-1 Sign_Ordinance

2015-02 Training Amending Section 601

2015-03 Parking Amending 1_22


2015-05 An ordinance amending section 223-11

2015-06 Retail Studio

2015-07 $95,000-Cregar Road Phase 5-Fund Balance – Prelim Eng

2015-08 $11,000-Police Dept Servers-Fund Balance

December 18, 2014 Council Meeting

Notice; Agendas only will be provided at the Council Meeting.  Resolutions and Ordinances will be posted for review only.


December 18, 2014 Agenda


December 18th 2014 Minutes


241_2014 RESOLUTION Acting Clerk Appointment


253_2014 RESOLUTION Connor J. Beaton Fireman

250_2014 End of Year Transfers 12 18 14

249_2014_Cancellation of Special Emergency Appropriation

248_2014_Lien Redemption 12-18 31-1502 12-18-14

247_2014_Tax Overpayment Refund

246_2014 RESOLUTION Temporary DPW Michael Steinwald

245_2014_RESOLUTION Credit 63 Highland

ORD 2014 16 – 306_406_807

Ordinance Amend Chapter 261-5 Disorderly Conduct

Ordinance Amend Chapter 75 Statutory Authority

Ordinance Amend Chapter 2-21 duties Finance, Golf, Citzens Advisory Board

Ordinance Amend Chapter 2-3 mayor_ election_ term_ and 2-6 Council_ composition_ term

121814 Bill List

Voorhees Music Association Festival

Contact: Beth Brooks,, 908-638-4153

Voorhees Music Association Festival Features Crafters, Games, Food and Fun

Voorhees Winter FestivalMore than 100 crafters, games for children and food are all part of the 5th annual Voorhees High School Music Association Festival on Saturday, November 22.

Held indoors at Voorhees High School, the festival features more than 100 crafters and vendors offering everything from knitted items to soaps to jewelry to baked goods to fine crafted woods and dozens of other unique items. It’s a great place to do some holiday shopping while supporting local small businesses.

There’s also plenty to keep the kids busy, with carnival-style games, face-painting, sand art and prizes. The festival also will include a variety of foods available for lunching or snacking.

The first 1000 adults to attend will get a free chance to win gift cards to local businesses!

Proceeds from the festival benefit the Voorhees High School Music Association, which supports the school’s talented teen musicians and vocalists by providing instruments, enrichment opportunities, and scholarships for Voorhees students.

The festival will be open 9 AM – 4 PM and admission is free. Voorhees High is located at 256 County Route 513 in Lebanon Twp. For more information, visit

October 23, 2014 Council Meeting






RES 223 2014 Support of double sided parking

RES 222 2014 Grant appl for Cregar Rd Phase VI

RES 221 2014 Final payment TopLine

RES 220 2014 Paint Out Reg Refunds 2014 Powzaniuk

RES 219 2014 Ch 159 Body Armor Grant_resolution 2014

RES 218 2014 Refund of Tree Fees Overpayment – Philhower

RES 217 2014 Hook Up to Public Sewer Elm St.

RES 216 2014 Award of Bid Solid Waste LMR Disposal Oct 23 2104

RES 215 2014 Solitude Village Water Agrement Tower

RES 214 2014 Adam Young Deputy Registrar Vital Stats

RES 213 2014 Appt J. Gregory as Registrar Vital Stats

CBS New York Story on High Bridge

Wayne Cabot from CBS New York took a trip to High Bridge and wrote a story highlighting our town and the natural beauty of  The Columbia Trail.

Check out the video below.