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Cultural & Heritage Committee

Speaker Series Continues: “Hunterdon from Above”

Ariel Tour of Hunterdon County & High Bridge

Monday, July 25, 2016 at 7:30 pm

What was in the Hunterdon and the High Bridge area in the 1930s? 1940s? 1950s?    We all know it was different, but how??  What was here and where was it?

Michael McCann will take us on an exciting aerial tour of our area starting in the 1930s, then fast-forward us to show the changes that have brought about today’s landscape  – on Monday, July 25 at 7:30 pm, at ground level (no flight insurance needed), in the High Bridge Emergency Squad building at 95 West Main Street (Route 513), High Bridge, NJ, 08829.

For twenty years Mike worked for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Green Acres Program, studying over 2,000 properties the state was considering funding or acquiring.  The primary tool he used was aerial photos which he analyzed using a stereomicroscope.  To add to what these impressive 3-D images show, Mike researched old documents and maps and interviewed long-time area residents.  The result was amazingly detailed insight into the evolution of our area.

Mike is eager to share what he discovered, including local lore about bygone places and stories of past events.  It would take weeks for Mike to show and tell all, so for this particular evening, he will focus on our county, Hunterdon, with a special look at the High Bridge area. In this presentation, Mike will point out once prominent landscape features that have disappeared or changed, such as railroads, farms and many small industries. He will show how towns, residential communities, shopping areas and road systems have developed and grown.

If you ever wondered what used to be in this area, this is an event not to miss!

This presentation is part of the History and Historic Preservation Presentation Speaker Series run by the High Bridge Cultural and Heritage Committee (; 908-323-3626).




Help Needed: Committee Secretary

Cultural and Heritage committee is looking for a secretary, to take notes during our meetings, third Tuesday of every month at 7:30, and occasional letter writing. Minimum 5 hours a month, more if willing. No experience necessary. Interest in History, Arts or culture helpful.

Be a part of our team, help preserve High Bridge’s historic structures, help develop interesting programming. Interested parties please contact the Chair, Nancy Hunt, at


The Cultural and Heritage (C & H) Committee is hereby established to advise the Borough Council on the cultural and historical needs of the Borough of High Bridge. Its responsibilities include the development of programs to promote interest and participation in and understanding of local history, arts, cultural values and goals of the community and state by working directly with arts and historical organizations, schools, religious organizations, service clubs, municipal governments, and other interested groups and individuals. It may establish museum and cultural programs, including fine arts and performing programs, undertake historical research, and architectural and genealogical research, and promote the Borough through motion picture and television/radio settings. Reports and directories may be published that help develop interest in historical and cultural matters in and around the Borough of High Bridge.


SEVEN MEMBERS (Three-year term)

  1. Nancy Hunt (Chair); term expires 12/31/18
  2. Lauren Hamlin 12/31/17
  3. Bruce Myhre 12/31/16
  4. Lynn Hughes (council liaison) 12/31/16
  5. Keir  LoIacono ( council liaison )12/31/16
  6. Vacant
  7. Vacant

If interested in joining our historic team, contact Borough Hall 908-638-6455.

Alternates: (Two-year term)

  1. Maryann Hagan; term expires 12/31/16
  2. Claire Knapp; term expires 12/31/16

Honorary member: Borough Historian – Robert Lee

ANNOUNCEMENT: Wanted: Committee Secretary, click here for more information.


The C & H Committee meets the third Tuesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. at Borough Hall.