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Recreation Committee

The High Bridge Recreation Committee is volunteer based, has supervisory jurisdiction over the parks and recreational areas owned by the Borough, and functions under Mayor and Council, with a yearly operating budget.  The Committee oversees the daily operation of both passive and active recreational activities, including the Borough’s system of parks, playgrounds, recreational centers, facilities, and recreational programs, including community sports, celebrations, special events and other activities.  The Committee undertakes maintenance and development of the Borough park system, provides quality sporting fields, and turf maintenance services for the residents of the Borough of High Bridge.

The Committee also sponsors a two-week Summer Recreation program for children in grades K-7, men’s and women’s slow-pitch softball, and adult volleyball.

The High Bridge Recreation Committee has seven members who serve for three-year terms.

The Committee meets every third Thursday at 7:30 p.m.

Members (Three-year term)

  1. Open, Chair; term expires 12/31/15
  2. Rick Williams; term expires 12/31/17
  3. Jim Bukowski; term expires 12/31/15
  4. Jason Bradow; term expires 12/31/15
  5. Mark Desire, Mayor; term expires 12/31/18
  6. Adrienne Shipps, Council Liaison; term expires 12/31/2015

Alternate: (Two-year term)

  1. Hiram Ortiz; term expires 12/31/2015

Area Athletics

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