As part of the annual budget process, the Borough of High Bridge reviews the financial condition and any of the physical improvements required for the efficient functioning of the three utilities operated by the Borough – water, sewer and solid waste.

Each year utility fees are set by the governing body as part of this budget process. The age and need for continuous upkeep of the water utility system has required numerous repairs from many water main breaks in the community. The Borough quickly makes these repairs either by Borough Department of Public Works employees or by a local contractor. In every instance, a rapid response is the goal and is usually met successfully.

The water utility fee was increased and the sewer fee was decreased. The average water usage in a household is 15,000 gallons per quarter which would mean a quarterly increase of $37.52 and the sewer fee decrease is $10.00 per quarter. Trash utility fee remains the same at $60.00 per quarter.

The Borough attempts to operate these utilities in a cost effective manner. These decisions were not made lightly, were based upon historical experience and would not have been raised if it were not deemed necessary. The budget reflects the expenses anticipated for the coming year, which is not an exact science because we cannot predict the extent of any emergency repairs that might be required.

We welcome your questions, concerns and suggestions and will do our best to respond as thoroughly as possible.