High Bridge – After more than 30 years of laying idle and deteriorating, today, July 5, 2018, saw the start of change at 100 West Main Street, the former site of Exact Level and Tool. 

Today Removal Safety, LLC. began the demolition of a building that had been deteriorating considerably recently.

Borough officials have been in contact with the owners in the property over the past year expressing the need to address the worsening conditions of the vacant buildings. “Several months ago, the property owners began obtaining estimates from qualified contractors but today we are glad that they have begun to take this important action,” said Mayor Mark Desire.

On December 14th, 2017 Mayor Desire had appointed a committee of local residents to advise him and the Council regarding the redevelopment plan that was going to be written. This plan would outline the manner in which the Borough would want to see this property developed. This is on West Main Street, which is a gateway into High Bridge. We want to ensure that this prominent site is redeveloped in an appropriate way and will do our utmost to see this become a reality. Today is another step in that direction,” concluded Desire.