Beginning in June 2019, work on the Washington Avenue – Section 1 Road Improvement Project began.

The project limits for Section 1 extend from McDonald Street past the Union Forge Park to the bridge over the South Branch.  The proposed improvements include removing and replacing curbs and sidewalks, installing select drainage improvements, and reconstructing and resurfacing the roadway.  The concrete and drainage work for Section 1 have been completed.

On July 31st, work began on Section 2, whose project limits start at the bridge, that spans the South Branch, and extends to the vicinity of the High Bridge Fire House. The improvements within this portion include removing and replacing of curbs and sidewalks where they presently exist, installing drainage improvements and reconstructing and resurfacing the road.

Construction will be taking place Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, and the project is anticipated to last for most of the Summer.

During construction, there will be the usual nuisance related instances of road detours, delays, noise from equipment, etc.  As with all construction projects, we urge residents to proceed with caution in areas of construction. The scheduling of the road surface reconstruction and paving will be announced once the preliminary concrete and drainage work has been completed.

The Borough and its contractor will make every effort to keep these interruptions to a minimum and complete this project as quickly as possible.