High Bridge Office of Emergency Management   4/30/2020 – Administrative Order No. 2020-3  

In accordance with the State Executive Orders, Administrative Order No. 2020-2 is hereby rescinded, and restrictions are amended as follows:  

Public parks, lands and open spaces: All areas, facilities and equipment under the jurisdiction of the Borough are closed in accordance and restricted to those activities as outlined in Executive Order 133 and any subsequent Executive and Administrative Orders issued by the State. All parking will be in designated areas only.  

Trails: The Nassau and Springside Trails will be open effective May 2, 2020 subject to the restrictions set forth in Executive Order 133.  

High Bridge Hills Golf Course: will be open effective May 2, 2020 in accordance with the restrictions as outlined in the State’s Executive Orders. Play will be by reservation only. Parking will be restricted to designated areas only.  

These orders will be strictly enforced to minimize groups being formed and that the public is adhering to social distancing guidelines.   

This order shall take effect immediately    

Signed by: Michele Lee, Mayor
Signed by: Joe Trilone, Emergency Management Coordinator 

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