Property Tax Information

The grace period for second quarter property taxes has been extended to June 1.  Please note, payments received after June 1 will accrue interest from the original due date of May 1.

To look-up tax information click here.

Payments are accepted on-line (click here), at Investors Bank in Clinton (with tax stub), or in the drop box in front of Borough Hall, as well as by regular mail.

Homestead Benefit credits normally seen as an adjustment on the May installment, have been delayed by the State of NJ until a later date.

Property Tax Reimbursement (PTR)/Senior FreezeClick here for a complete application.  

The due date is November 2, 2020.  For verification of taxes:  Please complete the top half of form PTR1A or PTR2A and email  or leave in the blue drop box in front of Borough Hall.  The completed form will be returned by mail.

Please do not leave the entire blue book in the drop box: only sheet PTR1A or PTR2A for tax verification purposes.