June 3, 2020

Like many of you, I am deeply upset by the unjust and disturbing death of George Floyd and believe that the grief and anger felt by so many as a result is warranted.

As Mayor I am committed to the well-being of all residents, and not only denounce police brutality, but also the violent acts that have been directed towards the police and protestors across the country over this last week.

As these tragic events have been unfolding around the country, I am reminded that High Bridge is not immune from racism or intolerance, and if we want to work towards equity and inclusion nation-wide, we must first start within our community.

The High Bridge Police Department and I are fully committed to both ensuring the safety and security of our residents and businesses and in protecting the constitutional rights of those who choose to peacefully assemble and express themselves.

I am hopeful we can learn from this and not let George Floyd’s death be in vain. We can continue to lift each other up, lean on each other for strength and come together to build a strong, prosperous, and inclusive community.

Michele I. Lee

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