Administrative Order No. 2020-5

WHEREAS, unsafe conditions have developed at Lake Solitude, Solitude Dam, Solitude House and along the river within the Borough of High Bridge; and

WHEREAS, it has been determined that the public welfare and safety of High Bridge residents and visitors would be best served if these areas were temporarily closed, except for emergencies, in order to develop a comprehensive strategy to better deal with these unsafe conditions;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Michele I. Lee, Mayor of the Borough of High Bridge, hereby Order and Direct that Lake Solitude, Solitude Dam, Solitude House and all river access within the Borough are hereby closed.

Access to these areas only shall be provided for emergency services or as otherwise approved by the Mayor or Borough Administrator. This Order shall take effect immediately and remain effective for 30 days unless rescinded or amended by the Mayor or Borough Council.

Signed by Mayor Michele I. Lee

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