Development of the Barn to include:
• Structural Fixes • Fire Safety Fixes • ADA Access • Lighting • Landscaping
• Cosmetic Fixes • HVAC • Restrooms

Improvements to the Clubhouse include:
• Exterior • Landscaping • Siding • Ramp
• Interior • Kitchen and Bar Update • Flooring • Decor • Seating


Why is the Borough doing this?
Early in 2021, the golf committee had been discussing plans to build a new structure to house the golf carts which are causing excessive strain on the barn’s floors. About the same time, we were approached by the Tichenors with an interest in developing the barn into a wedding venue. We worked with our Borough Planners on a Golf Course Redevelopment plan to explore the possibilities for the property within Green Acres and Highlands guidelines. The Redevelopment Plan also provides the Borough with much more flexibility in financing and contracting.

What happens if we don’t accept this proposal?
A pole barn will be built to house the golf carts which will be paid out of the golf budget. The barn would remain empty due to structural issues and may or may not be redeveloped later. Alternatively, the Borough could make the improvements to the barn on our own at a cost of approximately $800K. Any improvements to the landscaping and clubhouse will be paid from the golf course budget.

Will this only be used for weddings?
No. The barn will also be available for golf outings, corporate and community events.

What about parking?
The existing lot will be cleaned up as part of the Redevelopment Plan which will allow for additional parking, and those who rent the facility for weddings, etc. will have the option to provide shuttle service if necessary.

What happens if the developers fail and walk away?
The barn and golf course are properties of the Borough. In the unlikely event this is to occur we would still own the facilities and look for another event manager, or possibly the golf course management company, to take over the turnkey operations of the barn.

The $5M golf course will be paid off December 2022, will this extend these payments?
No. This project will be under a new bond, projected at $800K for 12 years, significantly less than the original bond. Approximately $440K in debt service expense will be returned to the Borough beginning in 2023, which may be used for additional capital improvements to the course, roads, or a reduction in taxes.

Who is paying for this?
The Borough will issue bonds for the project. The developers will pay this note via a lease arrangement. There will be no cost to the taxpayers.

Will there be a restaurant in the barn?
No. The barn will be a multi-use event venue. Wedding or golf outings will require outside caterers to bring food to the site.

Can anyone use the facility?
Yes. The club house at the course is open to the public right now, not just golfers. The plan will be to update the kitchen and bar including a new menu, furniture, and outside tables to attract more of our local community to the course and clubhouse. The barn will be available to rent for community events.

I live near the course, what will this do to my property value?
A recent study by the National Recreation and Parks Association found that properties with a view of a golf course have 15-20% higher property values. The redevelopment project includes landscaping improvements to the front of the club house and driveway which will beautify the entrance to the course and be more aesthetically pleasing than it is today.

Who is High Bridge Hospitality, LLC?
Charles and Steven Tichenor have been in the hospitality industry for nearly twenty years collectively. Charles is the current owner/manager of Eagle Manor Estate in Fairfield Township, NJ ( and Steven has owned and managed some of the most successful bars and restaurants in Monmouth County, NJ.


Stephen Tichenor
• Decades of experience in
restaurant operations and
event planning
• Events manager at a popular Jersey Shore Venue and others
• Planned and Implemented
build outs for several
restaurant start ups
• Owned and operated multiple
Liquor Licenses

Chuck Tichenor
• Global Executive Manager
• Brick and Mortar Investor
• Rustic Venue Developer
• Eagle Manor Owner, Developer and Operator
• Expert in barn rehabilitation
and special events
• Expert in Events Sales and


Presentations, documents, and other information about the project:

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