2023 Information

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2022 Information

As discussed during the Borough Council meeting on August 18th and posted to the website, we have expanded the historical tax rate analysis for those residents who would like to dive deeper into our high tax rate. Please reference links below for historical data. As you can see, and as was reported on our most recent tax bill, the breakdown of the 2022 final tax rate 4.255 is broken down as follows:

0.347   County Tax                   8.16%
0.035   County Library             0.82%
0.034   County Open Space    0.80%
2.121    Local School Tax        49.85%
0.672   Regional School Tax   15.79%
1.046   Municipal Tax               24.58%

The municipality serves as tax collector of property taxes and distributes the monies to the county and schools according to the allocation above. The governing body does not have input or control over the budgets of the schools or county, and we encourage all who have questions or concerns to contact the appropriate authority. Taxpayers do not vote on school or county budgets.

Of the total 2022 tax levy of $14,619,383.88, only $3,595,248.62 is used for municipal purposes. This includes police, fire and emergency services, salary and wages, parks and recreation, roads, public work services, capital projects and the golf course. The municipality has had a flat rate since 2019.

Also discussed during the August 18th meeting (video and meeting minutes posted to the Borough website), High Bridge is in its second year of a five-year assessment plan to bring all properties to current market value. Home prices in NJ have increased more than 20% since 2020, and the governing body does not have any role in determining the final valuation. Tax assessments are performed by a state certified assessor who reports to the County Board of Taxation, appointed by the governing body, and evaluations are determined based on established principles in state statute.

The assessment is provided to residents in February of each year and is used to calculate the final bill we receive in August. If you disagree with your new tax assessment, you may file a tax appeal with the Hunterdon County Board of Taxation on or before the filing deadline of May 1st.

HB Tax Rate History

HB Tax Rate Change As Percentage Year Over Year