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Borough Hall Business Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

High Bridge Proud

The vitality of the Borough of High Bridge is integral to its residents’ quality of life. The Mayor and Borough Council periodically present awards to individuals or groups of individuals who enhance the Borough’s qualify of life through their actions and involvement in community activities or projects. These individuals or groups make High Bridge proud.

Ambassador Award: The Award is presented to an individual or group of individuals who, by his or her involvement in an activity outside of High Bridge, brings honor and pride to the Borough.

“Caught Being Green” Award: Beginning in 2007, this Award recognizes a High Bridge resident/s who have been observed on a regular basis going out of his/her/their way to be environmentally-responsible citizens; nominations for this award are taken directly from the residents.

Citizen of the Year: Exemplifying the characteristics of a model High Bridge citizen, this Award is given to one who consistently participates in activities, enriching the quality of life for the High Bridge community.

Commendations from Fire Incident

Community Wildlife Habitat Recognition: The Borough of High Bridge has received official recognition as a Community Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Association.

Friends of High Bridge Recognition: Given to an individual that is not a resident of High Bridge, this Award is presented to a person that contributes to the High Bridge community by actively volunteering and/or supporting a High Bridge community event or project.

High Bridge Library Celebrates 100 Years

Longevity of Service Award: Quite often a volunteer spends time and effort repeatedly to support an activity or a project or numerous activities within the Borough; this Award recognizes giving back to the community of High Bridge through sustained volunteer efforts throughout years.

“Outstanding Work” Recognition: From time to time the High Bridge Borough Council recognizes individuals or groups who have performed outstanding work on behalf of the Borough and its residents.

Police Saving Life Award

“Recognition of Service” Award: There are many people who work tirelessly for the High Bridge community; this Award is presented to all outgoing council members in recognition of their efforts on behalf of the Borough.

Scout Awards

“Special Service to the Community” Award: This Award is given to a person or people who perform a unique service to the High Bridge community.

Student Assistant Administrator: After a visit to Borough Hall and listening to the Mayor, Deputy Clerk, Administrator, and CFO talk about their jobs, students participated in an essay contest to be chosen  “Assistant Administrator” for the day.

Volunteer of the Year Award: While there are many volunteers within the High Bridge community, this Award recognizes an individual who makes a major contribution to the Borough by consistently and continually volunteering his or her time and effort to the Borough within a given year.

Youth Volunteer Award: This Award recognizes youth, either individuals or groups, who make a major contribution to the Borough by consistently and continually volunteering time and effort to the Borough within a given year.