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The Taylor SteelWorkers Historic Greenway

High B ridge NJ Taylor Steelworkers' Historical Greenway TrussbridgeThe Taylor SteelWorkers Historic Greenway is a 6.5 mile trail that winds its way through High Bridge. Follow the Columbia Trail for approximately one-quarter mile from the Commons and look on the right for the trailhead gate. The Trail proceeds to the historic TISCO Complex and then crosses a 100-year old trussbridge, which was refurbished by the Union Forge Heritage Association in 2011.

After crossing the bridge, the Trail proceeds north along the South Branch of the Raritan River towards Lake Solitude and Lake Solitude Dam, Solitude House and the Union Iron Works ruins.  From there the Trail continues on to the entrance of the Nassau Trail, works its way to Springside Farm, and proceeds from there to the Amesbury Furnace in Clinton Township.