Historical Committee List

1.      Priscilla Racke, Secretary, Marketing and Fundraising Sub-committee Chair, term expires  12/31/21
2.      Mark Wetherbee, Committee Vice Chair, Research and Archives Sub-Committee Chair, term expires  12/31/21
3.      Warren Love, Treasurer; Preservation Sub-committee Chair, term expires  12/31/21
4.      Kelly Matos, Committee Chair, Lectures, Exhibits; term expires  12/31/22
5.      Vacant, Term expires 12/31/22
6.      Joseph Suozzo, Research and Archives, Sub-committee member, term expires  12/31/23
7.      Nancy Hunt, Member at Large, term expires  12/31/23

Council liaison – Natalie Ferry

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The Historical Committee to advise the Borough Council on the historic needs of the Borough of High Bridge. Its responsibilities include the development of programs to promote interest and participation in and understanding of local history, arts, cultural values and goals of the community and state by working directly with arts and historical organizations, schools, religious organizations, service clubs, municipal governments, and other interested groups and individuals. It may establish museum and cultural programs, including fine arts and performing programs, undertake historical research, and architectural and genealogical research, and promote the Borough through motion picture and television/radio settings. Reports and directories may be published that help develop interest in historical and cultural matters in and around the Borough of High Bridge.

If interested in joining our historic team, contact Borough Hall 908-638-6455.


The Historical Committee meets the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at Borough Hall (or via online if required).