Historical Committee List

1.)  Matt Curtin, Committee Chair, term expires 12/31/24
2.)  Warren Love, Vice Chair and Secretary, term expires 12/31/24
3.)  Ellie Curtin, term expires  12/31/24
4.)  Alfred Schweikert, term expires  12/31/25
5.)  Vacant, term expires  12/31/25
6.)   Nancy Hunt, term expires  12/31/26
7.)   Vacant, term expires  12/31/26

Council liaison – Kelly Matos – kmatos@highbridge.org

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Committee established; authority to act.

The High Bridge Historical Committee shall advise the Borough Council with regard to historic interests within the Borough of High Bridge. It shall have no authority to act without the authorization of the Borough Council.

Duties and responsibilities of the Committee.

A. It shall be the duty of the Historical Committee to maintain and develop awareness of the Borough’s history through sponsoring programs encompassing the education of children through seniors. The Committee will nurture the consciousness of the citizenry to the legacy of High Bridge’s past, while collecting and preserving current items and history.

B. The Historical Committee shall have the following duties, as well as other duties consistent with its advisory role, as determined by the vote of the Historical Committee:

(1) Submit recommendations for historical and heritage matters for consideration to Council.
(2) Identify areas of the Borough where facilities and programs may be required.
(3) Conduct historical programs.
(4) Oversee, in an advisory capacity, the Borough’s historic buildings, structures, spaces, properties, materials and items acquired by, donated to, purchased by or otherwise determined by the Borough.
(5) Recommend priorities for historical events and programs and for maintenance and repair of Borough-owned historic buildings and structures for budget consideration.
(6) Provide a yearly budget to Council for specific needs in the historical areas.
(7) Identify sources of funding and/or sponsorships and develop a fundraising program for historic facility and program improvement.
(8) Maintain a schedule for historic site and building usage for various groups, including school groups and events.
(9) Encourage citizen involvement in history and heritage matters.
(10) Undertake special projects that may be requested by the Borough Council.
(11) Provide informational resources to private owners of historic properties who are interested in historic preservation.

If interested in joining our historic team, contact Borough Hall email Kelly Matos at kmatos@highbridge.org

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