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Robert Taylor’s Birthday Celebration

Free to the public – Each year, the Historical Committee kicks off its season of memorable events by hosting a birthday celebration at Solitude House for Robert Taylor.  Robert was the first generation of the Taylor family to own and operate the Taylor Wharton Iron and Steel Company, after he immigrated to West Jersey from Ireland, circa 1760.  Robert initially worked as the secretary and book keeper for the Union Iron works (now known as TISCO), while living at Solitude House.  He took over as manager of the Iron Works and superintendent of the Union Tract (10,849 acres), after the death of its previous manager, Col. Hackett.  Taylor went on to purchase the 366-acre tract of land, where Solitude House and TISCO now sit, circa 1803, after the death of its original owners, William Allen and Joseph Turner (wealthy Philadelphia merchants).  Five generations of the Taylor family continued to live at Solitude House until 1932.  Robert Taylor was born on St. Patrick’s Day, so every year around March 17th, the committee acknowledges Robert, his family and their contributions to our country, our state and our town.

Father’s Day BBQ

Free to the public – On Father’s Day, the committee opens the Solitude House and grounds to welcome families to celebrate Father’s Day with music, food and games on the lawn.  This is a wonderful event to spend time with family and community members and to enjoy one of the Borough’s most historic treasured properties!

Howard Menger Events

Free and paid events – The committee acknowledges High Bridge legend, Howard Menger, an American contactee who claimed to have met extraterrestrials throughout the course of his life, with most of his well-known events taking place in High Bridge, at his family farm.  This yearly event highlights Howard, his “High Bridge Incident” and his prominence in the Mutual UFO Network.  Events take place throughout the weekend in July around Howard’s meeting with Valiant Thor, “an extraterrestrial being who came to Earth to deliver a message of peace and hope to humanity.”  Check the Borough Calendar for individual event dates, times and locations.

Solitude Brunch

Fundraising event – Each year, since its reorganization in 2021, the committee has worked to renovate and revitalize the Borough’s historic Solitude House and its outbuildings.  The committee raises funds throughout the year and uses those funds to repair and remodel Solitude House and grounds to open it for community use.  Each year a grand project is revealed at our annual Solitude Brunch.  Proceeds from this event are used for the committee’s continued renovations to preserve this 300-year-old house and its outbuildings.  To date, the committee has used donations to furnish the buildings and renovate Solitude’s first and second floor, the first floor of the Annex, repair the stone wall along the driveway and renovate the Solitude garage.

October Gala

Fundraising Event – Adults can dress up and celebrate Halloween, too!  The committee hosts a buffet dinner with live music, tarot card readings and costume contest at the Solitude House.  This fun fall event is for adults only and all proceeds go toward the continued restorations of the Solitude property.

TISCO Market

Free to the public – The TISCO markets were started to bring recognition and activity to the TISCO buildings and grounds (behind the Huskies ball field).  Questionable weather forced the committee to select a new location that was indoors, so these markets have been moved to the grounds at Solitude.  The committee hosts a Spring and Winter TISCO Market every year, with local vendors set up inside each room in Solitude House, the Annex, the garage, and weather permitting – outside on the Solitude lawn.  Check the Borough calendar for event dates and times.

Solitude House Exhibits