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Girl Scout Troop 81267 is a High Bridge-based Girl Scout Troop whose members started together as a Brownie Troop at age 6. During Middle School, when the Girl Scouts are approximately ages 12 to 14 years old, they may earn their Silver Award, the highest award available to a Cadette Girl Scout. The Silver Award is granted to a Girl Scout Troop or to an individual Scout who completes a community based project which is “a sustainable” venture- meaning others can continue to add to and develop it in the future. Each Girl Scout must complete a minimum of 50 hours of her own time on the project to achieve receipt of the Silver Award.

This oral history project is Troop 81267’s Silver Award Project.  Troop  81267 decided to bring to life the unique and wonderful history of the Borough of High Bridge. The 5 troop members who include Alison, Bethany, Erin, Janine and Rachel, spent over 250 hours to complete their project.  They initially met with and presented their idea to the High Bridge Cultural and Heritage Committee who approved the project and passed a Resolution acknowledging and supporting Troop 81267’s journey into the past. The girls conducted numerous interviews with long-time residents of High Bridge to learn facts and stories of the past, analyzed the collected audio histories, determined which audios were critical to this project and then edited the interviews to extract the most interesting memories.  The Troop learned a lot about the community and bonded with the diverse group of interview subjects.

The Troop is excited to share the incredible historical knowledge they obtained during this Silver Award process.  Learn about the intriguing history of High Bridge Borough through the Girl Scout Troop 81267’s Silver Award Project. Enjoy the journey!