Small Town, Big History: Memories That Will Last Forever

If you thought you knew about the history of High Bridge, think again! Girl Scout Troop 81267 embarked on an adventure to learn more about the unique past of the Borough of High Bridge.

From the old stores on Main Street (Main Street, Main Street stores, American Hotel) to the possibility of a UFO Landing in High Bridge and its surrounding area, our Girl Scout Troop discovered that High Bridge is much more than just a small town.

The girls interviewed residents who have seen it all. Join Troop 81267 by listening to the linked audio files on this page; step into the shoes of children from the past and experience their daily lives through their eyes (Train on Columbia Trail, Hunting Season, School in High Bridge).

Do you love winter? Well…find out what activities the children enjoyed when High Bridge was blanketed in snow many years ago (Sledding in the Streets, Ice Skating).

Of course with so many historical buildings in High Bridge, we have our share of ghosts. Listen to stories of unexplained happenings at Solitude House and Mrs. Riley’s Pub. It’s certain to give you chills!

Our close-knit community comes together in times of difficulty (Neighbors, Taylor Wharton Closing) as well as times of excitement such as when a famous singer came to our small town many years ago (Barbara Streisand and Reactions to a Star in High Bridge). When the children did not have a park to play in, our citizens worked together to create one (Union Forge Park).

Do you wonder how some of our local “landmarks” originated? Learn about the locals’ favorite spot for ice cream along the river (Gronsky’s Milk House), a beautiful place to play golf (Origins of High Bridge Hills Golf Club) and a local pub dating back from the mid-1800’s (Mrs. Riley’s Publik House).

The troop learned about how the local children long ago enjoyed the open space in High Bridge (Lake Solitude, Playing Ball in Town).

Journey through time with Girl Scout Troop 81267 and their time machine, and you will be left with only one final question: How could such a tiny town hold such an enormous history?

The Troop and its leader, Alisa Grossman, wishes to thank all contributors to this important audio project including but not limited to: Ruth Alpaugh, Bill Anderson, Bessie Beil, Mary Branflick, Emily Bruton, Charlie Bruton, Rev. Carlton, James Conroy, Kathleen Ann Conroy, Marc Farley, Henry Hagan, Michael Hann, John Hickson, William Honachefsky, Jr., Paul Lipani, Joyce Murphy, Bonnie Pyke, Sheryl Gronsky Severance, Doris Schuetz and Peggy Walton. We would also like to thank Mrs. Lynn Hughes, Ms. Linda Kipe, and Mrs. Patricia Birchenough for their assistance with this project. We apologize if anyone was inadvertently left out of this list as many friends and neighbors were a part of this Silver Award project!