High Bridge has many projects on our wish list. The following list is for the Historical Committee.  This list is not all inclusive and does not prevent you from designing and working on an idea that does not appear on the list.  These community service ideas are being posted so that you can keep us in mind when planning a community service project.

Our Committee would be happy to work with any organization, group, or individual that would be interested in taking charge of one of our “future projects.”  We are also open to other possible ideas that do not appear on this list.  Additional ideas can be submitted via e-mail to the Chair of the Historical Committee.

  • Create a video tour of historic places for the web site (part one completed; more parts available)
  • Plan a walking tour of historic places in town (part one completed; more parts available)
  • Create self-guided brochure (part one completed; more parts available)
  • Place historic markers at sites throughout the town (in progress)
  • Run historic tour
  • Place historic home markers (to show date built – scout working on this project)
  • Portray people from our town’s history through plays and acting
  • Promote local artists displays (art, photography, poetry, sewing, etc.)
  • Organize local musical groups for free concerts