The High Bridge Economic Development Committee (EDC) meets in the Borough Hall, 97 West Main Street, High Bridge, NJ. Click here to view the calendar for dates and times. The EDC was established in 1994.

Committee established; authority to act

The High Bridge Economic Development shall advise the Borough Council on with regard to the economic and commercial interests within the Borough of High Bridge. It shall have no authority to act without the authorization of the Borough Council.

Duties and responsibilities of the Committee.

It shall be the duty of this Committee to:

  1. Make continuous study and survey of the opportunities of the Borough of High Bridge for economic development.
  2. Analyze business, industry and trade worldwide with a view to ascertain the type of commerce best suited to the economic and social improvement of the Borough.
  3. Prepare an annual report to the Mayor and Council as to the development of the commercial and merchant districts, including but not limited to business needs, improvements to Borough infrastructure, construction capacity, sewer capacity, labor, taxes and property assessment and improvements for business retention.
  4. Recommend to the Mayor and Council and Planning Board reasonable and desirable restrictions and improvements concerning commercial areas.
  5. Recommend to Mayor, Council and Planning Board changes to zoning establishing a desirable commercial ratable base for an area for business and trade.
  6. Prepare and sponsor events to improve merchant trade and commerce in downtown business areas. Sponsor educational symposiums to improve business knowledge of commercial owners.
  7. The Committee may prepare and distribute material and data advertising the advantages of the Borough for the purpose of attracting business.
  8. The Committee shall receive from all officials and all authorized boards, departments and offices of the Borough such assistance as may be required by the Committee in performing its duties, and the Committee shall also be given access to all municipal reports and information which may assist the Committee in the performance of its duties.



Members serve three-year terms.

  1. Vacant; term expires  12/31/26
  2. Vacant; term expires  12/31/26
  3. Jennifer Kucharski; term expires  12/31/24
  4. Vacant; term expires  12/31/24
  5. Vacant; term expires  12/31/25
  6. Vacant; term expires  12/31/25
  7. Vacant; term expires  12/31/25

Council liaison is to be decided.

Demographics and Businesses in High Bridge

Take an in depth look at Borough demographics and businesses and services provided in High Bridge.

EDC Contact Information

High Bridge Economic Development Committee
97 West Main Street
High Bridge, New Jersey 08829

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