Commission Initiatives

Public Awareness

The Environmental Commission is hereby established for the protection, development and use of the natural resources within the Borough of High Bridge. This Commission has seven members that serve three-year terms.

Commission Established

Pursant to NJSA 40:56A-1, an Environmental Commission is hereby established for the protection, development or use of natural resources, including water resources within the Borough of High Bridge.

Meeting Times

The Environmental Commission meets the second Tuesday of every month from 7:30 – 9:00 p.m..


  1. Linda DeMarzo; term expires  12/31/23
  2. Ann Willard; term expires  12/31/23
  3. Jeanie Baker; term expires  12/31/24
  4. Alan Mart, Planning Board liaison; term expires  12/31/24
  5. Lynn Hughes; term expires  12/31/25
  6. Diane Drude; term expires  12/31/25
  7. Eric Crespo; term expires  12/31/25


  1. Coleen Conroy; term expires  12/31/23
  2. Mia Baldwin; term expires  12/31/24

Council Liaison for contact:

Curtis Nowell at

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Environmental Commission Brochure

For further information on the High Bridge Environmental Commission, please Environmental Commission’s brochure.

Commission Goals

Goal A-Public Awareness: Increase environmental awareness 


  1. Maintain updated Environmental page on our town web site and submit articles to Bridge
  2. Hold annual Arbor/Earth Day Activities
  3. Continue storm water management public awareness through articles in the Bridge
  4. Continue anti-idling awareness
  5. Continue work with HART to become part of the Safe Routes to School Program
  6. Sponsor school environmental awareness assemblies

Goal B-Open Space: Promote public awareness and use of open space and monitor and enhance borough owned property


  1. Remove trash from woodlands and open space areas and monitor easement areas
  2. Maintain Main Street planters, Commons, Union Forge Park, Police Station, Tree Nursery garden areas
  3. Monitor park gazebos
  4. Continue actions to maintain “Wildlife Habitat Community” certification
  5. Support Springside Multipurpose Trail
  6. Write one article on the history of our “Open Spaces” – Springside Farm
  7. Implement weed control for Borough spaces

Goal C-Borough Trees: Monitor and promote borough trees


  1. Identify areas in need of trees and apply for tree grants
  2. Pursue Tree City re-certification

Goal D-Environmental Green Efforts: Promote and provide public awareness to sustainable green actions


  1. Continue Green Team meetings and complete Sustainable Jersey certification actions at Bronze Level – Achieved, click here
  2. Continue to sponsor annual “Caught Being Green” award
  3. Assist school with Sustainable School Actions

Goal E-Solid Waste and Recycling: Monitor and promote environmentally responsible solid waste and recycling


  1. Organize Electronics Recycling Event
  2. Organize Rigid Plastic Event
  3. Organize town-wide Litter Clean Up Day
  4. Organize a Document Paper Shredding Event
  5. Coordinate Clean Communities Grant Program
  6. Monitor solid waste / recycling program
  7. Organize and participate in the annual Raritan River Clean Up Day

Public Awareness

In an effort to be an environmentally-responsible community, High Bridge endeavors to provide its residents with as much information as possible to help educate the community in ways to reduce pollution. Please click on the links below to learn more about the following topics:

Japanese Barberry

Japanese Knotweed

Spotted Lantern Fly

Emerald Ash Borer

Grass Clippings

Idling Information

Lead Poisoning Education

Proper Mulching Technique

Monarch Butterflies & Milkweed Plants

Storm Water Management

Wet Wipes Awareness

Water Conservation Information & Tips