Environmental Committee Projects and Programs

Anti-Idling – Idling your vehicle for more than 3 minutes is against the law in New Jersey.

Clean Air

Caught Being Green – This is an annual award given out to a High Bridge resident in recognition of his/her efforts to be environmentally responsible. If you observe a resident going out of his/her way to be environmentally responsible, please submit their name to Councilwoman Lynn Hughes.

Community Wildlife Habitat  – High Bridge was certified as a  Wildlife Habitat Community in 2013. ( One of two NJ communities) Read more about how to certify your backyard as a Community Wildlife Habitat.

Great Backyard Bird Count  – The Great Backyard Bird Count is generally held in the month of February. To learn more about this annual event, click the link above.

Monarch Champions – we are committed to completing specific NWF actions for the monarch butterflies

Native Garden & Rain Barrels  – Learn more about creating a native garden and rain barrel.

NestWatch – NestWatch is a citizen-science project from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Read more about discovering the wonder of birds.

Rain Gardens – Rain Gardens provide attractive landscaping and a natural habitat for birds and butterflies, while encouraging environmental stewardship.

Sustainable Jersey – A state-wide initiative focused on helping municipalities improve energy efficiency. High Bridge is now a member of this select group of municipalities that have achieved Sustainable Jersey certification. The High Bridge Green Team is a part of the High Bridge Environmental Committee and works on Sustainable Jersey actions.  They have achieved the Bronze Level certification and are working towards Silver recognition.

Tree City USA  – High Bridge was named a Tree City USA community in 2011 and maintains re-certification annually.

School Partnership for Educational Sustainability – The borough environmental commission sponsors annual sustainability-focused learning opportunities with the High Bridge School District.