Revel in the wonder of birds with the new NestWatch citizen-science project from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Visit open cup nests and/or nest boxes to collect information about location, habitat, species, number of eggs, and number of young in the nest. Then submit your observations online.

Your reports will be used by scientists studying bird biology and will help measure the impact of such things as climate change and habitat destruction on a broad geographic scale. And check out the updated, interactive NestCams web site with live cameras showing nesting birds around the country. More cameras will be going online in the weeks ahead at

And when fall rolls around, be sure you’re ready for more bird monitoring by signing up now for Project FeederWatch, which runs from November through April. If you have any ideas or comments, please send them to Citizen Science or Cornell Birds.

Happy Birding,

Janis Dickinson, Director of Citizen Science, Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Rob Fergus, Senior Scientist, National Audubon Society
Melissa Hopkins, Project Manager, National Audubon Society
Pat Leonard, Project Coordinator, Cornell Lab of Ornithology