About Us

The committee meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm in Borough Hall (or via online if required), except for the month of December. The Committee was formed in 2013.  

Committee established; authority to act.

The High Bridge Special Events Committee shall advise the Borough Council with regard to development, coordination, and conducting of special events within the Borough of High Bridge. It shall have no authority to act without the authorization of the Borough Council.

Duties and responsibilities of the Committee

A. Responsibilities. It shall be the duty of this Committee to maintain and develop Borough programs. The Committee will nurture the consciousness of the citizenry to the legacy of High Bridge’s past while contemplating future considerations, e.g., sustainability.

B. The Special Events Committee shall have the following duties, as well as other duties, as determined by the High Bridge Borough Council:

(1)    Send monthly meeting minutes to the Clerk for the committee meeting record book.

(2)    Submit recommendations for proposed events for consideration to the Borough Council.

(3)    Identify areas of the Borough where facilities and programs may be required.

(4)    Review existing event programs.

(5)    Recommend priorities for event programs for budget consideration.

(6)    Identify sources of funding for events and programs.

(7)    Provide a yearly budget to Council for specific needs to successfully conduct events/programs.

(8)    Maintain a schedule of events and forward calendar dates and website and newsletter articles in a timely manner.

(9)    Encourage citizen involvement.

(10)  Undertake special projects as directed by the Borough Council.

C. Events Council liaison. The Council liaison shall oversee the following tasks and may request the assistance of Council members, Committee members and High Bridge volunteers if needed.

(1)    Review existing event programs and recommend to Council priorities for event programs for budget consideration.

(2)    Identify sources of funding for events and programs, manage and submit event packet mailing to Council for approval and provide event leads with event-specific sponsorship details when received.

(3)    Maintain yearly budget and event funding allocations and disbursements in coordination with the Borough CFO for specific needs to successfully conduct events/programs.

(4)    Maintain the Borough event email account and forward inquiries to appropriate event leads.

(5)    Encourage citizen involvement.

(6)    Prepare a monthly report for the Council liaison update.

(7)    In the absence of appointed officers, may temporarily facilitate monthly meetings.

D. High Bridge Borough-sponsored event leads. The Committee may select volunteer event lead(s) to manage one or more events and who shall have the following duties as determined by the High Bridge Borough Council:

(1)    Manage specified events with use of allocated event sponsor monies to enable them to execute event logistics as needed.

(2)    Submit all literature, advertisements, press releases, and program booklets to the Council liaison no later than 14 calendar days prior to the event date for Borough approval.

(3)    Seek additional sponsor funding and in-kind donations if needed.

(4)    The event leads may request additional resources and volunteers from partnering committees, dependent on the scope and size of the program or event.

(5)    All inquiries for monies, reimbursements, and DPW logistics shall be submitted via the Council liaison.



The events we produce are through the work of dedicated volunteers, and we are always looking for more folks to lend a hand. You do not have to be a member if you are interested in helping out with an event or two. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact events@highbridge.org.


We are also grateful for the generous and continued financial support of local businesses and individuals.  Without these sponsors, we would not be able to bring you these fine events.  No tax dollars are used to produce these events. 

If you would like to be an event sponsor, please review the Sponsorship Form. Please make checks payable to “High Bridge Events Committee” and mail with the completed form to the Borough Hall, Attention Events Committee, 97 West Main Street, High Bridge, NJ 08829. For convenience, you may also register online here.

Click here to see a list of annual Borough events.


Members serve three-year terms and must be residents or business owners in the Borough.

  1. Vacant, Chair; term expires  12/31/26
  2. Vacant; term expires  12/31/26
  3. Vacant; term expires  12/31/24
  4. Vacant; term expires  12/31/24
  5. Vacant; term expires  12/31/24
  6. Vacant; term expires  12/31/25
  7. Vacant; term expires  12/31/25

Council Liaison for contact: Christopher Graham – cgraham@highbridge.org