High Bridge Parks and Recreation Committee

Committee established; authority to act.

The High Bridge Parks and Recreation Committee shall advise the Borough Council with regard to recreational activities within the Borough of High Bridge. It shall have no authority to act without the authorization of the Borough Council.

Duties and responsibilities of the Committee

The Parks and Recreation Committee shall have the following duties as determined by the Mayor and Council:

  1. Identify areas of the Borough where new parks or recreation facilities may be desired.
  2. Review existing recreational programs and improve recreational curriculum.
  3. Review existing facilities and recommend future park improvements and major purchases to Borough Council for consideration.
  4. Interface with private recreational programs and sports organizations for the betterment of recreational opportunities for our citizens.
  5. Identify sources of funding, such as grants, for facility and program improvement.
  6. Provide a yearly budget to Council for specific needs in the parks and recreational areas which identifies and meets recreational priorities.
  7. (Reserved)
  8. Be responsible for overseeing all playground, field, and park equipment and grounds. Responsibility includes identifying maintenance, repair, and preservation needs with specific attention committed to public safety.
  9. Unite and interface with various Borough committees as necessary to provide for quality, established, enduring events and activities.
  10. Encourage volunteer involvement.
  11. Undertake special projects as desired by the Mayor and Borough Council.

The High Bridge Parks & Recreation Committee has seven members who serve for three-year terms.

The Committee meets at 6:00 p.m. on the first Tuesday of every month.

Members (Three-year term)

  1. Joseph Masser; term expires 12/31/26
  2. Ashley Marin; term expires 12/31/26
  3. Andrew Schneider; term expires 12/31/24
  4. Tania Fennell; term expires 12/31/24
  5. Jon Pish; term expires 12/31/25
  6. Andrew Fulda; term expires 12/31/25
  7. Joe Campolattano; term expires 12/31/25

Council Liaison for contact: Chris Graham at cgraham@highbridge.org.

Parks & Playgrounds

Chapter 261-2  Parks and Playgrounds
All public parks, playgrounds, and open space areas, excluding the Borough golf course, Union Forge Park, and the Commons Park, which are owned and operated by the Borough of High Bridge, shall be open to the public from dawn to dusk, seven days per week; provided, however, that when any program or event duly authorized by the Borough of High Bridge or its designee is in progress that particular section or part of the public park or playground in which the program or event is being conducted shall not be entered or interfered with until the program has concluded.

Union Forge Park and the Commons Park will be open from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Chapter 261-3  Parks and Playgrounds
Any formalized program or event organizing 30 or more people, or requesting exclusive use of any Borough property or facility for any period of time regardless of the number of people, must be duly authorized by the Borough of High Bridge, or designee, by having first received an approved “permit for use of Borough property.” The Borough Clerk, or designee, shall be authorized to approve such applications on behalf of the municipality.

Chapter 261-4  Parks and Playgrounds
Permission for use of Borough property shall be obtained by application to the Borough Clerk, or their designee, using the “request for use of Borough property” application form.

Click here for Use of Borough Property Permit Application