Asset Management Plan

Borough Hall Access Policy

Business Insurance Registry Form – As of August 5, 2022, P.L. 2022, c. 92,requires all business owners and owners of multifamily rental units (residential or non‐residential) to annually register a certificate of insurance with the municipality where the business or rental unit is located.

Community Interactive Map

Continuing Certificate of Occupancy(C.C.O.) Placement | Continuing Certificate of Occupancy (C.C.O) Application | Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Requirements – required to be completed any time occupancy changes. The CCO Officer will contact you once this is submitted to set up an appointment, verify payment, etc. Inspections are done by appointment.

Construction Form – Full List
Construction Form – Permit Application Jacket
Construction Form – Building Subcode Technical Section
Construction Form – Electrical Subcode Technical Section
Construction Form – Plumbing Subcode Technical Section
Construction Form – Fire Protection Subcode Technical Section
Construction Form – Mechanical Inspection Technical Section
Construction Form – Chimney Verification for Replacement of Fuel-Fired Equip

Construction Records Clearance Application

Dog Registration Application – 2024 – N.J. Health Department Notice about 4:22-17 Cruelty; certain acts, crime; degrees – Penalties for various acts constituting cruelty –  Guide to Prevention of Animal Cruelty laws. Annual registration required starting January 1st of each year.

Driveway Permit Application

Dumpster Permit

Employment Application

Fingerprint Form – For Youth-Serving Organizations

Fire Prevention Permit Application

Food Handler – Retail Permit Application – Category 1 – Used for breweries, news stands, pharmacies, video stores, vending carts , vending trailers, and other establishments handling commercially prepared, prepackaged, non-potentially hazardous foods as an incidental part of their business. Vending carts includes commercially packaged, ready to eat foods like novelty ice cream, dipping of ice cream (hard ice cream), packaged baked goods, cupcakes, or a “coffee cart”. Dipping of ice cream does require a hand washing station or hand sanitizer and a method to sanitize dippers.

Food Handler – Retail Permit Application – Category 2 – Used for Bed and Breakfast’s which serve full breakfasts; agricultural markets (where there is no food preparation) where potentially hazardous foods are offered for sale or where grocery food items account for 50% or more of the sales area

Food Handler – Retail Permit Application – Category 3 – All other retail food establishments including food trucks. Includes vending carts with heating/cooling or food preparation excluding dipping of ice cream.

Food Handler – Temporary Permit Application – Must be submitted to the Clerk not less than ten days from the event date.

Landlord Registration Application – Annual registration required.

Lead-safe Certification. See below bullet points.

  • Information about which dwelling are exempt and which are required to register: click here
  • To schedule your inspection please contact a contractor on the approved list found on this page: click here
  • To utilize the Borough’s contractor: click here
  • Proof of lead-safe certification can be submitted to the Borough Clerk. Please email to

Monetary Donation Form

OPRA (Open Public Records Act) – Requests will be processed Tues., Wed., and Thurs. as per N.J.S.A. 47:1A-5(a). Submit requests to the Clerk;

Parking Permit Application – SUBMISSION AND PAYMENT OF APPLICATION IS NOT PERMIT APPROVAL – (Online filing and payment)
Parking Permit Application – SUBMISSION AND PAYMENT OF APPLICATION IS NOT PERMIT APPROVAL –  (Mailing and in-person payment)

Performer Contract

Personnel Policy

Planning and Zoning Board Application | Variance Application | Fee Schedule | Highlands Exemption Determination Application | Highlands Land Use Ordinance and Fees | Non-residential Development Fee (as per state statute, if applicable please submit with application)

Raffle and Bingo Process Instructions | Raffle Checklist | Raffle Application

Real Estate Closing for Final Utility Bill – Used for generating a final water bill for home closings. Will include final amounts for all utilized utilities for the account requested up to the closing date on the form.

Road Rankings

Septic Repairs

Sign Application

Social Media Policy – 2024

Soil Witness Application

Solitude House Reservation Form

Street Opening Permit Application

Tax List – 2021

Tax Map – Most recent

Tax Rates

Tort Claim Notice

Tree Removal Permit Application – A map with particular indicators, outlined in the application, must be submitted with the application for processing. Please read through the application carefully and make sure to designate trees on the property appropriately.

Use of Borough Property Permit Application | Field Reservation Calendars

Utility rates

Vacant Property Registration Form – Please fill out and return to the Borough or e-mail completed form to

Vehicle Use Policy

Veteran Tax Deduction Information – $250Veterans Tax Deduction Form

Voter Registration Information

Waiver – Over 18 Only

Waiver – Under 18

Wildlife Management Application

Zoning Permit Application – Used for fences, decks, accessory structures, new structures, retaining walls, etc.

Zoning Map


Borough Code Book


2024 Introduced Budget |

2023 Adopted Budget  | 2023 Audit Report | 2023 Annual Debt Statement

2022 Adopted Budget  |  2022 Audit Report  |  2022 Annual Debt Statement

2021 Adopted Budget  |  2021 Audit Report  |  2021 Annual Debt Statement

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2018 User-Friendly Adopted Budget  |  2018 Annual Debt Statement  |  2018 Annual Financial Statement  |  2018 Audit Report

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2022 Sponsorship Package

2022 Soap Box Derby Information and Registration


Sustainable Economic Plan 2010 | Economic Plan Survey Results – 2010


Art and Media Donation Agreement

Historical Item Loan Agreement

Monetary Donation Form

Museum Artifact Donation Form

Oral History Project Form


LOSAP report – posted 2017


Golf Course Redevelopment Plan

Master Plan and Development Regulations Reexamination

Open Space and Recreation Plan – 2020



Borough of High Bridge Municipal Stormwater Management Plan  |  Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan

High Bridge Stormwater Ordinance

Stormwater Educational Brochures


StreetScape Phase 2


High Bridge Unit Monitoring- Through 2021

High Bridge Trust Fund Report Through Dec 2021