High Bridge Housing Rehabilitation Program

The High Bridge Housing Rehabilitation Program (HBHRP) is sponsored by the Borough of High Bridge as part of the Borough’s Affordable Housing Program mandated by the State of New Jersey. It offers housing rehabilitation assistance to low and moderate income Borough homeowners in the form of a deferred payment loan of up to $10,000 for basic home improvements. The interest rate on these loans is 0%. The loans are not due to be repaid until the house is sold.

Funding for the program comes from COAH development fees paid to the Borough’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund as well as from the Municipal Budget. The Borough must provide assistance to 4 homeowners under the program, over the next 6 years. Assistance will be provided on a first come, first served basis.

To apply for the High Bridge Housing Rehabilitation Program you must obtain a pre-application form from either the High Bridge Public Library, 71 Main St., the High Bridge Borough Hall, 97 West Main Street, or click here to download and print the form.

How to Apply for Affordable Housing in High Bridge

Affordable housing opportunities and information can be found at this link: www.affordablehomesnewjersey.com

Emails with any questions can be sent to: homes@cgph.net

Phone messages can be left at this number: 609-664-2769 x 5

NOTICE: 07/01/2020

As per the Borough’s 2017 Settlement Agreement, High Bridge is required to prepare a midpoint realistic opportunity review. The Borough is required to post said review on the municipal website. Please be advised that any interested party may submit comments to the Borough of High Bridge, with a copy to Fair Share Housing Center, regarding whether any sites no longer present a realistic opportunity and should be replaced and whether any mechanisms to meet unmet need should be revised or supplemented.
Affordable Housing Midpoint Review Report
Midpoint Review Questions


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