As of the 2000 Census, High Bridge’s population was 3,776 persons, which represented a net decrease of 110 persons since the 1990 Census. As the 2010 Census information is still being calculated, estimates for 2010 had to be used. All 2010 data is from the Nielsen Company. Therefore, the 2010 estimated population for the Borough is 3,848 persons. High Bridge has an estimated 1,489 households in 2010. The average household size in High bridge is 2.55 person.  Examining households by household size, the data shows that 32.1 percent of households within the Borough are 2-persons households. The second highest household size is a 1-person household with 23 percent or 342 households. It should be noted that 38.2 percent or 569 households within High Bridge have one or more children under age 18 in the home. Conversely, 61.8 percent of 920 households in the Borough have no children under age 18 living in the home.*

* Reference SEDP Report, Maser Consulting P.A. 2011.