Workplaces within a One-Mile Radius

All workplace data is 2009 data provided by the Nielsen Company. This data was obtained using a radius method – a one mile radius from 30 Center Street, High Bridge. While the one mile (catchment area) radius encompasses the entire Borough, it should be noted that it does overlap partially with a few parcels in Lebanon and Clinton Townships. As of 2009, the catchment area had a total of 154 establishments. Of this total, 134 are private and 20 are government or non-profit. The 134 private establishments within the catchment area employ 751 workers, while the 20 government and non-profit entities employ 258 workers. Looking at employees by sector, the table on the following page shows that the service sector employs the most workers within the catchment area (37.8%). (Note that the service sector includes school employees, which comprises 185 of the 381 workers in the catchment area.

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* Reference SEDP Report, Maser Consulting P.A. 2011.