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Board of Health

Pedestrian Safety Checklist

  • Walk facing traffic.
  • Look left, right and left again before crossing.
  • Make sure drivers see you before crossing in front of them.
  • Be aware that sun-glare reduces driver visibility.
  • Wear white clothing or reflectors or carry a light when walking at night.
  • When driving, be especially alert in residential neighborhoods and school zones and be on the lookout for bikers, walkers or runners who may be distracted or may step into the street unexpectedly.

Remember: When walking through the Arches tunnel, stay close to the side as it is difficult for drivers to see walkers in the tunnel. 

For more pedestrian safety information, visit the HART Commuter Information Services website.

About the Board of Health

The High Bridge Board of Health has seven members who serve four-year terms.

The Board of Health meets at least once in December and on an advertised, as needed basis.


  1. John Conant; term expires  12/31/19
  2. Tricia Curtin; term expires 12/31/18
  3. Donna Exley (Chair); term expires 12/31/19
  4. Nicole Cahill; term expires 12/31/17
  5. Damian Rigatti; term expires 12/31/19
  6. Galadrial Fernandez; term expires 12/31/18
  7. Vacant; term expires 12/31/19

Visit the Hunterdon County Department of Health’s boil water advisory guidelines.