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Project List

The following is a list of the Environmental Commission projects.

Our Commission would be happy to work with any organization, group, or individual that would be interested in taking charge of one of our “future projects.” We are also open to other possible ideas that do not appear on this list. Additional ideas can be submitted via e-mail to Chair, Environmental Commission.


  • Create trail connecting Springside to Solitude House to TISCO property to Columbia Trail (UFHA received grant and completed in 2008)
  • Create walking / biking trails in Commons Woods (completed 2017)
  • Create a multi-purpose Trail on the Nassau Property  (completed 2007)

Commons Area

  • Install more benches and picnic tables
  • Create a walkway / path around the gazebo (completed 2006)
  • Create a wildflower garden along the parking lot
  • Create a quiet garden area around the gazebo by planting small shrubs and perennials ( in progress)

Union Forge Park

  • Continue planting around the gazebo (completed 2007)
  • Continue planting by the monument (completed 2010)
  • Paint Gazebo (completed 2009, 2014)

Main St. Mini Park

  • Volunteers needed to weed the area along MacDonald St. parking lot
  • Install more benches around perimeter


  • Tree survey: show where trees are located and identify the type of tree
  • Tree checkers: every fall, look for dangerous tree situations and report such situations to our Committee


  • Litter patrol: organize every street to pick up litter in their neighborhoods on a regular basis

Mini Sitting Parks

  • Identify small Borough-owned spots where a small sitting park could be created


  • Identify and locate all our small streams on a map

Open Space

  • Create a brochure to highlight all our “Open Space” (completed 2008)
  • Plant a town pumpkin patch
  • Grow a corn maze
  • Plant wildflower garden
  • Certify Dennis Avenue wetlands area as a nature preserve

Falls Area

  • Create a sitting area off the Columbia Trail to view the river / falls (completed 2010)
  • Identify trees and install name plates along trail

Street Signage

  • Survey all streets and record condition of street and road signs