Land Use

High Bridge is characterized by a compact downtown area, which is surrounded by residential neighborhoods.  The edges of the municipality are defined by larger lots that are either preserved, farmland or residential in use.  Throughout the Borough are sizable pieces of preserved land held by state, county or local entities, which compose 35% of the Borough’s total land area.  The Borough of High Bridge is almost completely built out.  Few vacant and developable properties remain within the Borough.  This means, over time, redevelopment will occur to reuse parcels or over-sized lots that are currently underutilized.  High Bridge welcomes redevelopment that is sensitive to its size, historical background, and character, which is capable of being accommodated by existing utility capacity.*


At the present time, High  Bridge has eight zoning districts that regulate land use, of which four are residential zones:

R-1; minimum lot size 105,000 square feet
R-2; minimum lot size 65,000 square feet
R-3; minimum lot size 15,000 square feet
R-4; minimum lot size 7,500 square feet

The four non-residential zones include:

DB; Downtown Business
C; Commercial
ROM; Research/Office/Manufacturing
G; Permanently Preserved Open Space
Future economic development will likely be focused within the DB, C, MUC, and ROM districts, which are the existing non-residential zones.  However, there is potential for economic development in the residential zones in the form of home occupations.*


Zoning Officer: Allison Witt

High Bridge Borough
97 West Main Street
High Bridge, New Jersey 08829

Phone: (908) 638-6455 ext. 227
Fax: (908) 638-9374