1. Michele Lee (Mayor – Class I); term expires 12/31/22
  2. Natalie Ferry (Council – Class III); term expires 12/31/23
  3. Coleen Conroy (Class II-Environmental Commission Liaison); term expires 12/31/21
  4. Steve Dhein (Class IV); term expires 12/31/21
  5. John Musnuff (Class IV); term expires 12/31/22
  6. Tom Wescoe (Class IV); term expires 12/31/21
  7. William Giordano (Class IV); term expires 12/31/24
  8. Joseph Suozzo (Class IV); term expires 12/31/24
  9. Pablo Delgado (Class IV); term expires 12/31/22


  1. Benjamin Yu; term expires 12/31/22
  2. Alan Mart; term expires 12/31/21
  3. Vacant; term expires 12/31/22
  4. Vacant; term expires 12/31/21


Planning Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes can be found under Planning Board Agenda and Meeting Minutes in the Documents and Forms tab in the navigation menu of this website.


Chairman:  Steve Dhein
Vice Chair:  John Musnuff
Secretary:  Barbara Kinsky
Planners:  Darlene Greene of Colliers
Environmental Expert:  Mark Gallagher of Princeton Hydro
Attorney:  Anthony Todaro, Esq

What Does the Planning Board/Board of Adjustment Do?

High Bridge has a combined Planning Board and Board of Adjustment. The Planning Board consists of volunteer residents appointed by the Mayor and Council. By law the Planning Board consists of the Mayor, one Council person and seven other appointed residents of the Borough. The Board of Adjustment consists only of the seven residents. Both Boards have the authority to grant variances. The differentiation between the boards is by statute, depending on the type of variance that is required. We also have professionals who assist us by providing support in their areas of expertise.

Neither Board has the authority to make zoning ordinances. We can make recommendations for a new code or changes to existing ones. There is currently a subcommittee of the Planning Board examining the ordinances for the Downtown Business Zone. The committee will report back to the Planning Board with their recommendation later this year. The entire Board will then determine which, if any, of the recommendations will be forwarded to the Borough Council. It is up to the Council to agree or disagree with our recommendations and add to or change the current zoning ordinances. Only the Borough Council has the authority to make or change ordinances.

Before you begin any building project, be sure to check with the zoning officer at town hall to see if a building permit is required. Even small projects such as installing a fence may require a permit. The zoning officer will determine if you will need a permit. He will also decide if you need a variance or if your venture conforms to code. If he concludes that you will need a variance, contact the Planning/Board of Adjustment Board Secretary at Borough Hall for information on how to proceed.

Steve Dhein, Planning Board/Board of Adjustment Chair