Hunting Awareness

Tip – Hunters wear orange so should you when in these designated wildlife management areas.

Hunting Season

The Environmental Commission would like to remind everyone that hunting season begins in September. While New Jersey has an extremely low incidence of hunting-related accidents, please keep in mind that High Bridge has open space properties in which hunting is a permitted activity. The following properties have been designated Borough Wildlife Management Areas hunting by permit only: only bow hunting is allowed

The NJ American Water Supply deeded open space; Block 19 Lot 68

The Dewey Avenue Property; Block 31 Lot 14.02; Acres 44.3;

The Pfauth Property; Block 19 Lots 68 & 32; Acres 46.11;

The Springside Farm Property; Block 40 Lot 4; Acres 36.54;

The Nassau Property; Block 37 & 40 Lots 1 & 2; Acres 82.66;

To check on the exact locations, please phone Borough Hall (908-638-6455).

Deer hunting season runs from September through February.  During the season there will be “No deer hunting permitted on Sundays”.  Permits may be picked up at the Clerk’s office during regular office hours.