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Recycling & Trash

TRASH INFORMATION: The State Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) requires us to reach a 50% recycling rate. High Bridge’s 2015 residential recycling percentage was 19% for curbside recycling. When you factor in the recycling information provided by vendors who collected from Borough recycling events and road projects, the rate increases to a 75% recycling rate.

The Environmental Committee asks all our residents to please continue to help us reduce the amount of recycling that goes into our garbage collection. Besides assisting us to meet the mandated recycling goals, your recycling can generate grant income to the Borough while helping our environment.

Did you know that we are eligible for State recycling grants based on the amount of our annual recycling tonnage reports? The DEP’s recycling tonnage grant program is intended to provide municipalities with incentives to reduce trash disposal and increase recycling. It is funded through a State-imposed fee, which is added to waste transfer station tipping fees.

The grants are based on annual recycling tonnage reports submitted by municipalities and determined by the fees collected statewide. The revenue from these grants is used to offset Borough recycling expenses and was utilized in the annual budget to cover the cost of cleaning up The Commons, i.e. tub grinding and the associated labor costs. Your local government uses this grant money to continue to build even stronger recycling programs as we all work to improve our recycling efforts. High Bridge has recycling ordinances in place. Check them out on our town website. (See Documents & Forms/General Borough Documents.)

STICKER TRASH SYSTEM: High Bridge has instituted a garbage sticker program to encourage more recycling. Each sticker can be used for 34-gallons or 50 pounds of garbage. Each year residents and businesses are sent 104 stickers for the year, equating to two bags a week. The stickers will be sent every November for the following year. These are not dated stickers, so they can be used throughout the year.

Every bag of garbage must have a sticker on it. If you use garbage cans, place the sticker on the top item in the can so it is plainly visible when the lid is removed by the collector. For cleanup items, use one sticker for each 50 pounds of weight.

In cold or inclement weather, please make sure to attach your solid waste sticker securely with alternate means, such as stapling, to the bag. Stickers should not be placed on the garbage can.

Landlords: Please advise your tenants of the regulations and distribute the stickers to your tenants in a timely fashion. If you do not disperse the stickers, solid waste will not get picked up and, as owners, you will be fined.

DAY AND TIME OF COLLECTION: Collection days are Tuesday or Friday. If you are not sure which day of the week is your scheduled pick-up day, please call our disposal company, Premier Disposal,  at 638-0005.  The time of day may change. Your garbage should be placed at the curb by or before 7 a.m. on collection day with your sticker attached to each garbage bag.

LIMITS: ALL such waste should be in 34-gallon containers, either metal, plastic or 34-gallon, heavy-duty garbage bags. Electronic items are not collected.  There is a 50-pound limit on each container.  Please bring trash receptacles back into your yard by the end of the collection day.

IMPORTANT: Items NOT in 34-gallon containers 1) may be left by our contracted disposal company, 2) may blow away, 3) may be scattered by birds or animals, 4) are unsightly, and 5) may create a health hazard. Please cooperate.

BULKY WASTE: For cleanup items, use one sticker for each 50 pounds of weight.

WHITE GOODS AND CONSTRUCTION WASTE will not be picked up.  Electronic items can be disposed at our annual Electronics Recycling Event. A $10.00 charge for Freon items such as refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. is charged on the Electronics Recycling Day.

Clean Communities Grant

The Clean Communities Program was created in 1986 with funding from taxes levied on the sale of litter generating products.  The Clean Communities Fund was reauthorized in 2002 making all municipalities eligible to receive funding.

High Bridge annually receives grant money. Spending the grant money is restricted and can only be used for litter abatement / educational awareness items such as:  litter and graffiti cleanup and removal, enforcement of local anti-littering laws, purchase of trash and recycling receptacles, sponsorship of adopt a park and educational programs.

The High Bridge Environmental Committee uses our annual Clean Communities Grant money in the following ways:

  • Sponsor an environmental assembly for the HB Elementary School…
  • Fund the Electronics and Rigid Plastic recycling events…
  • Fund Document Shredding event …
  • Purchase trash and recycling receptacles …
  • Purchase cigarette receptacles …
  • Print litter abatement flyers/ newsletters …
  • Donations to Raritan Headwaters River Clean Up…