Garbage is picked up on Wednesdays. Your garbage should be placed at the curb by or before 7 a.m. on collection day. You do not need stickers any longer.

Recycling is picked up alternating Thursdays depending on your location. Click the below link for your recycling schedule:

Recycling Schedule 2024


(908) 454-4550, option 1


One bulk item can be placed out with your garbage per pickup. If you have questions about what can be picked up please call LMR Disposal at (908) 454-4550, option 1.

Mattresses: Mattresses must be fully bagged to be taken as a bulk item.

Click here for can placement information.

The equivalent of one 96-gallon garbage container can be put out each week. One bulk item can be put out each week. All recycling items should not be in plastic bags. Electronic items are not collected. Please bring trash receptacles back into your yard by the end of the collection day.


Information about Hunterdon County recycling and waste programs:  2023 Hunterdon County Recycling and Waste Guide

Click here for information about recycling.

Click here for what you can not recycle.

Note: Pizza boxes are not recyclable.

A reminder:
No pizza boxes
No shredded paper
No white plastic coated cardboard
No plastic bags: the recycle centers LMR utilizes do not accept any type of plastic bags. Recycling in plastic bags is considered contaminated and will not be taken.

Note: The recycling collector will NOT pick up loose items in the street or recycling materials in plastic bags. Residents are responsible for picking up any items that blow out of their containers.

Curbside recycling is a service our town provides for its residents. Please take advantage of this service. Recycling does make a difference in our environment. Our goal is to keep all the recyclables out of the trash flow. To make recycling as convenient as possible, curbside collection occurs every other week.


  • Put recycling out the night before your pick-up day. Collection begins early in the morning. If your recycling is not out when the truck goes by, please bring it back into your yard. It will not be picked up until the next scheduled pick-up collection day. Bring recycling receptacles back into your yard by the end of the collection day.
  • Sometimes our collector has a problem and cannot finish all the streets on the collection day. If they haven’t been to your street at all, leave your materials curbside and they should be by the next day to pick them up

WHITE GOODS AND CONSTRUCTION WASTE will not be picked up. Electronic items can be disposed at our annual Electronics Recycling Event. A $10.00 charge for Freon items such as refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. is charged on the Electronics Recycling Day.

Brush and Leaves
Dewey Ave. Natural Recycling Center
Document Shredding Event
Electronics Recycling
Other Recycling & Disposal Opportunities
Rigid Plastic Recycling