Pedals for Progress

Many Americans have used bicycles that are gathering dust in a garage or basement. These bicycles bring almost nothing in terms of resale, and they fill our dwindling landfills. Millions of people in developing countries throughout the world have no means of transportation other than their feet. Pedals 4 Progress addresses this situation by gathering used bikes and shipping them to willing partners worldwide. Get the satisfaction of providing help and a future to other people! Bring your bicycle(s) and get an I.R.S approved tax deduction slip. Generally the Pedals 4 Progress collection takes place at the same time as the Borough’s annual Electronics Recycling Day.  The cost is $35 per bike from pick-up to delivery overseas. A cash donation is needed; suggested minimum donation is $15. For more information call Dave at (908) 638-8893, or go to the Pedals 4 Progress website.

Note:  Pedals 4 Progress also collects working sewing machines for donation overseas.