While Spring brush and leaf pick-up has been suspended, and the Commons Natural Recycling Center is closed, DPW will do curbside pick-up if the brush and/or leaves are put in appropriate bags and left in front of your home. Bags can be obtained by calling 908-638-6588 or picking up bags from the Department of Public Works building, Monday through Friday, from 3:00 pm to 3:30 pm. Please do not overfill bags and be sure to thank our guys with a wave from your porch as they will be keeping a safe social distance.

Brush and leaf pickup will be done in the Spring and starting each section on the following schedule:

Section 2: Solitude Village – Week of 4/6/2020
Section 3: Dewey Ave – Week of 4/13/2020
Section 4: Church Street – Week of 4/20/2020
Section 5: West Main & Cregar (Cregar Road BRUSH ONLY) – Week of 4/27/2020
Section 1: Jenny Jump – Week of 5/4/2020

Brush Collection

Brush is not to be placed in the roadway. Please place brush at the edge of the lawn as per Storm Water Management Regulations. Brush must be ready for pickup the Sunday before the collection begins. Please have the cut ends of the brush facing the street. Do not place leaves or other yard debris on the brush as it will be left.

Once the collection has passed your house, it will not return until the next collection date. Brush will NOT be picked up if it is larger than three inches in diameter and NO stumps will be picked up. If you have any questions, call the Department of Works at (908) 638-6588 between 9 a.m.  and 3 p.m. weekdays.

Do not place brush or any other yard debris in the leaf pile as it will be left.

Leaf Collection

Leaf collection generally occurs on specified dates during the spring and fall. When placing leaves curbside for collection, remember: DO NOT mix garden waste, brush, rocks or other trash with the leaves. Leaves are not to be placed in the roadway. Please place leaves at the edge of the lawn per Storm Water Management Regulations.

Residents and/or businesses on the following roads must place all leaves in bags:

  • County Route 513
  • Cregar Road (from Hilltop Deli to the Cregar Road bridge)
  • Hart Street
  • Union Avenue
  • Central Avenue
  • All of Center Street

Christmas Tree Pick-Up

Christmas trees will generally be picked up on a daily basis beginning December 26 through the end of January of a given year. Remember to remove all ornaments, lights, and tree stands; decorated trees will not be collected.