There are two local companies that offer metal recycling to residents:

Jim’s Lawn Cutting, LLC

Jim’s Lawn Cutting LLC is a free metal recycling, earth-friendly, green service.  Anything metal can be recycled.  Items can have wood or plastic parts, but items containing Freon are not accepted.

Examples of  items that will be picked up for free:  Grills, gas grills, empty propane tanks, exercise equipment, file cabinets, auto parts, rims, lawn mowers, garden tractors, outdoor furniture, metal fencing, gutters, above-ground pools, satellite dishes, washers, dryers, dishwashers, stoves, pots and pans, metal desks and chairs, metal fans, ceiling fans, light fixtures, hand and power tools, and hardware.

Items need to be at ground level for free pickup.  There is a $25 charge for the first item that requires assistance to be removed from the home and $10 for each additional item needing removal assistance.

Dismantle Pay Services:

  • Satellite removal from roof: $45
  • Metal shed dismantle:  $45
  • Above-ground pool dismantle:  $150
  • Swing set dismantle:  $35

Contact Jim to arrange for pickup at 908-334-8127 or e-mail Jim’s Lawn Cutting.

Mr. Scrap Recycling, LLC

Mr. Scrap Recycling, LLC is a fully insured company that offers free appliance and metal recycling services.  They recycle anything metal.

Examples of items that they recycle:  Gutters, gazebos, fire pits, swings, refrigerators, freezers (Freon does not have to be removed), dishwashers, stoves, microwaves, washers, dryers, bikes, grills, sheds, all auto parts including rims and car batteries, power tools and hand tools, fans and AC units, ride-on and push lawn mowers, hardware, pots and pans, metal desks, chairs, files cabinets, extension cords, light fixtures and ceiling fans, satellite dishes, outdoor furniture, metal fencing, above-ground pools, exercise equipment.  ANYTHING METAL. All items must be at ground level prior to pick up.  Currently serving Somerset and Hunterdon Counties (but always expanding).

They also provide dismantling services of pools, fences, metal swing sets, satellite dishes, etc. – basically anything metal for an additional charge.

For more information on Mr. Scrap Recycling services, please visit their website, call at 908-616-0004 or Mr. Scrap Recycling may also be found on Facebook.