Picture of High Bridge Elementary ExteriorHigh Bridge Elementary School
40 Fairview Avenue
High Bridge, NJ 08829
(908) 638-4105

With an average class size of 17 children, High Bridge Elementary School is a nurturing educational

High Bridge School District is offering a free full day preschool program for residents of High Bridge ages 3 and 4. Click here for more details.

Our highest priority is each student’s social, emotional and intellectual growth. Preschool through fourth grade participate in inclusive classrooms, receiving differentiated instruction for their specific needs. Full day Kindergarten is provided along with two self-contained special education classrooms serving students with behavioral disabilities and students with multiple disabilities.

While learning reading, writing and mathematics skills, students also receive weekly instruction in art, Spanish, music and library skills. Students participate in physical education twice a week and teacher-supervised recess each day. Instrumental music instruction begins in 3rd grade, with band and chorus in grade four. Technology remains to be a priority with computer enhanced lessons beginning in pre-school and continuing through fourth grade. Each student has one on one access to Chromebooks.

The faculty at High Bridge Elementary School strives to enhance professional growth in the areas of reading, writing and mathematics to strengthen the students’ skills and abilities. In addition, children learn self-confidence and positive decision-making skills as they progress from early childhood to their transition to the Middle School programs.

The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) generously sponsors and coordinates resources designed to enrich both of our school through a variety of cultural arts programs designed to educate and entertain. The SchoolDistrict is committed to providing an educational program that is developmentally responsive to the positive growth of all students across a wide array of offerings designed to meet the needs of the 21st Century learner.

Please visit the High Bridge School District website for more information.