High Bridge Middle SchoolHigh Bridge Middle School
50 Thomas Street
High Bridge, NJ 08829
(908) 638-4101
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The High Bridge Middle School has a student body and staff dedicated to excellence. With an average class size of 19, the High Bridge Middle School offers a nurturing educational climate for 5th, 6th 7th and 8th graders that fosters healthy social, emotional and physical growth. Our teachers use the latest instructional methods to ensure each student receives meaningful learning experiences. HBMS students works are proudly on display throughout the building. Our schools continue to offer students diverse, interactive cultural arts programs andengaging field trips.

Today’s Middle School students have diverse educational needs and High Bridge meets those needs by offering a strong academic program that includes inquiry-based Science, English Language Arts, Mathematics, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Social Studies, Spanish, Art, Music, Computer Literacy, and Study Skills. Technology remains a high priority and is integrated throughout the educational program.

We offer co-curricular athletic programs that give students new opportunities and encourage team building and sportsmanship. Students can choose from volleyball, baseball, softball, basketball, cross country, or cheerleading. We also offer our students a wide range of after school activities to expand their interests. Chorus, band, drama, art club, homework club and our literary magazine build on classroom learning. Student Leadership promotes team building and encourages philanthropy through community service projects.

Academic assistance study periods provide individual pacing and monitoring of schoolwork for select students. The Middle School uses an Intervention and Referral System to provide assistance for at-risk students. The Gifted and Talented program uses multiple assessments to identify students, provides individualized programs and offers a range of services for qualifying students. Special Education students receive a range of services from in-class support to pull out replacement instruction.

The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) generously sponsors and coordinates resources designed to enrich our school through programs such as the cultural arts programs and “Kids Night Out.”

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