Picture of North Hunterdon-Voorhees Reginal High SchoolVoorhees High School (Voorhees High School website) is part of the North Hunterdon-Voorhees Regional High School District. The High School is located at 256 County Road 513, Glen Gardner, New Jersey. Voorhees High School educates 1,150 students from the following municipalities:

High Bridge
Glen Gardner
Lebanon Township
Tewksbury Township

Voorhees High School was included among the list of the highest performing schools in New Jersey in 2012 according to the New Jersey Department of Education (Voorhees and its sister school, North Hunterdon High School, were the only high schools in Hunterdon County listed). Voorhees has been ranked among the best high schools in the country by Newsweek Magazine, and among the top high schools in the State by New Jersey Monthly. About 90% of Voorhees graduates go on to attend two-year or four-year colleges, universities, or other post-secondary schools. The student-to-teacher ratio was 19 to 1 in the 2012-2013 school year.Picture of Computer Classroom in Voorhees High School

Voorhees strives to provide its students with every opportunity to succeed through its diverse and rigorous curriculum, which includes 26 advanced placement courses and morning or afternoon vocational courses at nearby Hunterdon County Polytech.

Outside the classroom, students can participate in numerous clubs and activities that appeal to their individual interests. These include the astronomy, drama, guitar, skiing, video clubs and many others. The Key Club, the peer-mentoring program, several foreign language clubs and the World Language Honor Society are also available. Literary-minded students can participate in the yearbook, poetry club, school newspaper or the literary magazine, Images. The Athletic Department offers 16 different sports including football, wrestling, basketball, baseball, cross-country, swimming, fencing and field hockey, as well as intramural sports such as basketball, floor hockey, ping-pong and ultimate Frisbee  The Music Department offers many options for both instrumental and vocal music students.

The North Hunterdon-Voorhees Regional High School District has adopted the following beliefs:

  1. We believe our children learn best when:
    • Their physical needs are metPicture of Voorhees High School Science Labe
    • Their emotional needs are met
    • Their intellectual needs are met and are realistically challenged
  2. We believe the essential components of an excellent education are:
    • All students are actively engaged in their own education supported by caring, competent professionals.
    • Educating the whole child
    • A supportive community that recognizes the value of parental and community involvement
    • An environment that fosters a lifelong love of learning
  3. We believe the role of the student is:
    • To be responsible for their own learning by taking an active role
    • To be a partner in their own education through self-advocacy
    • To demonstrate respectful behaviorPicture of Voorhees High School Studio
    • To recognize their role in the community
  4. We believe the role of the parent is:
    • To accept the responsibility for the education of their children
    • To provide a stable, supportive and nurturing environment
    • To be active, constructive, and supportive of educators
    • To be a positive role model
  5. We believe the role of the community is:
    • To provide financial support
    • To express community values, standards and pride

For more information, registration and other questions, contact the Main Office at:

Voorhees High SchoolPicture of Voorhees High School Auditorim
256 County Road 513
Glen Gardner, NJ 08826-3292

Visit the Voorhees High School website.

For information on Voorhees High School in the 2012-2013 NJ School Performance Reports (formerly the School Report Card), please visit the State’s website.