JCP&L General Inquiries or Issues

– Non-working streetlights are reported to JCP&L here or at the following phone number: 1-888-544-4877

High Bridge Public Utilities

Jersey Central Power & Light (Electric) (800) 662-3115

NUI – Elizabethtown Gas (Natural Gas) To report a gas leak (800) 242-5830 or (800) 402-4009

Centurylink (Local Phones) (800) 829-8009

Comcast (Cable) (908) 689-3355

Republic Services (Garbage and Recycling) (908) 730-7800 or Click here

High Bridge Utility Department (Water Supply) (908) 638-6588

High Bridge Utility Department (Sewerage) (908) 638-6588

Please see below for general information on managing a utilities account. Please note that you may request a status but the Borough does not send reminders.

Utility Account Help

  • Final bill request / Closing on a home: Click here
  • Utility Account balance: Click here
  • PAY ONLINE – Utility Account payments: Click here
  • Explanation of utility rates: Click here
  • How to update where your bill is sent: we accept the following
    1. An I.D. matching a deed which has been submitted to the County, both items brought in and shown in person at Borough Hall.
    2. A letter from an Attorney involved in the closing stating the buyer, seller, and that the date the closing occurred.
  • Meter wrong? Request an assessment. Email with your name, address, phone number, and request an assessment. A fee of $25.00 will be applied to the utility account if the meter is found to be working after the assessment.
  • Need an account balance as of a certain date: Email with the request, including account identification (Address, ID, etc.) and a request for the account balance as of a certain date.
  • Need your water service turned on/off? Please call the Department of Works with your request: 908-638-6588
  • Have a complaint about service? Email with your name, address, phone number, along with the nature of the complaint and we will do our best to find a resolution.

Garbage/Recycling Help

  • Need to know when your garbage or recycling is picked up? Click here
  • Need to know how to use garbage stickers? Click here
  • Need to know what garbage can be picked up? Read this quick guide or call Republic Services (Garbage and Recycling) (908) 730-7800 or Click here
  • Need to recycling electronics / get rid of paint / batteries / plastics? Check with the County here  or check our calendar for information.