Tax & Utility Payments

Pay online: Click here for more information.

Pay by check: Checks can be sent to 97 West Main Street, High Bridge NJ 08829. A blue locked drop-box has been provided in the front of the Borough Hall. Please attach a stub, or note your ID in the memo section of the check, or place into an envelope which has your ID number or address along with your payment. The box is checked at least twice daily when we open and just before we close. PLEASE INDICATE “HIGH BRIDGE TAXES” OR “HIGH BRIDGE UTILITIES” ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE ENVELOPE. Delinquent payments will not be accepted at Investors Bank. They must be sent directly to Borough Hall. For any questions please call (908) 638-6455.

Pay by cash: Cash can be paid in person between 8:30am and 4pm, Monday through Friday excluding holidays.

Payments may also be hand delivered to:

Investors Bank
55 Old Highway 22
Clinton NJ  08809 


Delinquent payments will not be accepted at Investors Bank.  They must be sent directly to Borough Hall.


Tax & Utility Bills

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Tax Bills – Taxes are due February 1, May 1, August 1 and November 1. Payments received after the 10 day grace period, will accrue interest from the original due date. Post-dated checks are not accepted.

If you received a bill that says ADVICE Copy Do Not Pay, it means our records indicate a bank or mortgage company is making payments from an escrow account on your behalf. If this is not the case, you will be directly responsible for making the payment.   To look up the amount due this quarter, please click on Individual Property Tax Information.

High Bridge Tax Rates

Municipal Tax Levy.750.785.784.784.789.817.842.875.9641.0121.0371.0271.0471.045
Regional High School.537.524.509.565.580.539.623.602.576.595.517.526.580.545
Local Schools1.3081.3341.3801.4141.4171.4461.5021.5951.7641.7981.8981.9942.0722.106
County Library.
County Open Space.

High Bridge Tax Analysis

Tax Year200820092010201120122013201420152016201720182019
Current Budget$5,789,468 $6,320,173 $6,239,358 $6,273,529 $6,151,938 $6,190,009$6,247,990$6,174,469$6,401,212$5,966,533$5,900,341$5,945,709
% Increase-7%9%-1%0.55%-2%.62%.0093-1%4%-7%-1%1%
Surplus Utilized$450,000 $582,000 $582,000 $582,000 $582,000 $582,000$422.000$602,000$726,000$500,000$500,000$800,000
% Increase-36%29%0%0%0%0%-27.50%43%20%-31%0%60%
Amount to be Raised$3,019,816 $2,971,884 $2,963,696 $2,975,990 $3,048,735 $3,068,828$3,149,833$3,184,323$3,344,688$3,417,167$3,382,553$3,453,104
% Increase6%-2%-0.28%0.41%2%.66%2.64%1%5%2%-1%2%

High Bridge Water Rates

Year1990-19991999-20042005-20132014-20152016 Tiers2016 Charge2017 Tiers2017 Charge2018 Tiers2018 Charge2019 Tiers2019 Charge2020 Tiers2020 Charge2021 Charge
First 1/4$5.00/3.250 to 1 unit$15.00 per thousand0 to 1 unit$50.00Base Rate$50.00Base Rate$50.00Base Rate$50.00$50.00
First 5$3.40$3.04$3.24Next 14 units$4.32 per thousandNext 14 units$4.50 per unitUsage >0$6.25 per unitUsage > 0$6.25 per unitUsage > 0$6.25 per unit$6.25 per unit
Next 10$4.75$4.23$4.43$5.38Next 35 units$7.40 per thousandNext 35 units$7.40 per unit
Next 25$6.00$5.32$5.52$6.77Over 50 units$9.40 per thousandOver 50 units$10.00 per unit
Next 10$7.00$6.22$6.42$8.03
Above 50$8.25$7.32$7.52$9.40
Water Charge per thousand gallons

Commercial Rates

 1999-20132014-20152016 Tiers2016 2017 Tiers2017 Charges2018 Tiers2018 Charges2019 Tiers2019 Charges2020 Tiers2020 Charges2021 Charges
Commercial Rate = < 5,000$3.24$3.730 to 5 units$10.00 per thousand0 to 5 units$10.00 per thousandBase rate$50 / qtr.Base rate$50.00Base Rate$50.00$50.00
Commercial Rate = Next 10,000$4.43$5.53Next 10 units$5.53 per unitNext 10 units$5.65 per unitUsage > 0$6.25 per unitUsage > 0$6.25 per unitUsage > 0$6.25 per unit$6.25 per unit
Commercial Rate = Next 15,000$5.52$6.92Next 15 units$6.92 per thousandNext 15 units$7.25 per thousand
Commercial Rate = > 30,000 gallons$4.66$5.13Over 30 units$5.13 per thousandOver 30 units$6.92 per thousand

**Water connection fee is $2,250.00
***2018 rates effective 04/26/18

High Bridge Quarterly Trash Rates

2007200820092010201120122013201420152016 - 201920202021

High Bridge Sewer Rates

200020012002200320042005-20152016 - 20172018201920202021
***2019 rates effective 03/21/2019

High Bridge Sewer Annual Unit Charge

**Sewer connection fee is $3,500.00

***Qualified seniors are exempt from the annual unit charge.

Historical Tax Rates by Municipality

The dollar amount per $100 of the assessed value of property to be paid in taxes.

Alexandria Township2.6922.5742.5662.5582.552.4752.1132.0792.0032.0462.0722.0382.0521.88
Bethlehem Township2.9262.8352.8342.8982.8992.8042.8232.8222.8172.852.8482.8132.782.72.65
Bloomsbury Borough3.0332.9712.9412.8592.7892.2572.2132.2012.2012.1041.8391.8611.821.753.37
Califon Borough3.4753.3333.2583.0703.0312.9742.8412.8422.7872.4192.3692.3282.292.34.1
Clinton Town3.1743.1613.1573.1552.5503.0782.9962.5432.4612.4532.392.3262.292.32.44
Clinton Township2.6512.6212.5372.5342.5502.4922.4402.3312.1372.0841.9971.96921.92.35
Delaware Township2.5292.5502.5082.4882.5202.4632.4032.0962.0612.0692.062.0592.041.931.8
East Amwell Township2.4252.3582.3402.3252.2662.2502.2241.8851.9021.821.8171.7481.761.781.67
Flemington Borough3.1103.0613.0863.1403.0542.9692.8832.7202.7332.5822.2732.1922.282.382.39
Franklin Township2.5992.5462.4962.4242.4192.4702.4072.3612.2422.2222.2072.322.282.222.06
Frenchtown Borough3.4593.3413.2713.3023.2142.9232.8302.7432.6522.6462.5992.5512.612.422.25
Glen Gardner Borough3.3073.1963.0523.0432.9562.9542.8622.8182.8562.8172.8252.7892.682.682.47
Hampton Borough3.4783.2113.1143.0343.0923.0623.0273.0153.1722.3282.2912.3012.272.224.34
High Bridge Borough4.1313.9633.8543.8093.7063.4293.3243.1683.1593.153.0623.0282.992.592.39
Holland Township2.7382.6342.6542.5882.5602.4691.9421.9441.9531.9151.8521.831.81.68
Kingwood Township2.3152.2962.2002.1812.1602.1302.1032.0762.0362.0151.6941.661.623.083.08
Lambertville City2.0342.0021.9631.9281.9421.9191.8461.7781.7851.6991.6161.5571.51.511.66
Lebanon Borough2.4212.2902.2492.2842.1662.1272.0632.0502.031.671.5461.5621.543.053
Lebanon Township2.9452.9502.8602.7682.6472.5532.5742.5962.6422.6612.7082.6652.672.642.53
Milford Borough3.6923.7903.5403.3903.3053.1973.1153.0763.2763.0972.9292.872.622.55
Raritan Township2.5192.4882.4502.4062.3452.3142.2872.2662.2642.1691.9871.963.443.21
Readington Township2.9832.9362.8682.8002.7552.7212.7292.6682.6732.6042.572.5212.492.382.21
Stockton Borough2.0702.0782.0952.0812.0652.0592.1222.0751.9681.8631.7431.6031.513.313.14
Tewksbury Township2.5852.5462.5172.4352.3572.3252.2712.2542.2052.1722.2212.1872.242.222.2
Union Township2.8582.7382.6472.6012.6352.6502.6842.6662.7692.772.7682.6832.612.492.34
West Amwell Township2.2442.2362.2402.2582.2961.8962.3602.3671.9961.9411.8661.8311.791.711.56

NOTE: The tax information shown takes into account all taxes within the municipality. (Municipal, Regional High School, Local School, County, Library and Open Space Levies).

New Jersey Homeowner’s Guide to Property Taxes

Click here for the guide.

Resources to Avoid Foreclosure

Making Home Affordable (MHA) is a key federal program designed to help struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure. Homeowners in need of assistance can work with a HUD-approved housing counseling agency free-of-charge to understand their options and apply to MHA for assistance.

Visit for more detailed information, or contact a HUD Certified Housing Counselor to find a counseling agency that serves your county.

Foreclosure Fast Facts

Get the Foreclosure Fast Facts PDF. For a list of HUD-Certified New Jersey Housing Counseling Agencies, download our Foreclosure Fast Facts documents by clicking on the graphics below.

Don’t wait. The sooner you call a HUD-Certified Housing Counselor, the more options you’ll have.

Energy Assistance

Energy Assistance Programs:

True Program

TRUE Program helps low to moderate income residents of NJ that are over income for the LIHEAP program with their gas and electric bills.  For more information visit: or contact (732) 982-8710.

Homestead Benefits Program

Eligible applicants received a credit on the May 1 and November 1 property tax bills.

Homestead Benefit Hotline: 1-888-238-1233

Property Tax Reimbursement Program

Applications for the 2020 property tax reimbursement (Senior Freeze) were mailed in February to senior citizens and disabled residents who may be eligible for the program. The deadline for filing the application is: November 1, 2021.

The Division of Taxation mailing of checks to qualified applicants will be done as per the State of New Jersey.

The Property Tax Reimbursement (Senior Freeze) Program, now in its twenty-second year, reimburses qualified applicants for the property tax increases they incur each year. The amount of the reimbursement is the difference between the property taxes due and paid in the applicant’s “base year” and the property taxes for the current year. Applicants must continue to meet all the income eligibility and residency requirements and must file an application each year to receive the reimbursement.

Only applicants whose 2020 income did not exceed $92,969 are eligible to receive a reimbursement payment, provided they met all the other requirements.

Property Tax Reimbursement Program Application – 2020

Property Tax Reimbursement Hotline: 1-800-882-6597

Other Property Tax Benefits

Annual Property Tax Deduction for Senior Citizens, Disabled Persons:
Annual deduction of up to $250 from property taxes for homeowners 65 or older or disabled who meet certain income and residency requirements.
Click here for Form 1 and Click here for Form 2

Annual Deduction for Veterans:

(N.J.S.A. 54:4-8.10 et amended by P.L. 2019 c.413; N.J.A.C. 18:27-1.1 et seq.)

On November 3, 2020, an amendment to the State Constitution was approved by ballot vote: Question #2. This amendment provides that N.J. resident honorably discharged veterans, or their surviving spouses no longer need to serve during a specific war period or other emergency to receive the annual $250 property tax deduction.

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS All requirements for deduction must be met as of October 1 of the pretax year, i.e., the year prior to the calendar tax year for which the deduction is claimed.

  1. Veteran Claimant as of October 1 pretax year must:
  2. have had active duty service in United States Armed Forces and been honorably discharged; 2. own the property, wholly or in part, or hold legal title to the property for which deduction is claimed; 3. be a legal or domiciliary resident of New Jersey.
  3. Surviving Spouse/Civil Union or Domestic Partner Claimant as of October 1 pretax year must: 1. document that the deceased veteran or serviceperson was a resident of New Jersey at death who had active duty service in the United States Armed Forces and who was honorably discharged or who died on active duty; 2. not have remarried/formed a new registered civil union or domestic partnership; 3. be a legal or domiciliary resident of New Jersey; 4. own the property, wholly or in part, or hold legal title to the property for which deduction is claimed.

Completed application and supporting documentation must be filed with the local municipal Tax Assessor (
Click here for the Veterans Deduction Form

If you served in Peacekeeping Missions and Operations, you must also file a Supplemental Form.

Property Tax Exemption for Disabled Veterans:
Full exemption from property taxes on a principal residence for certain totally and permanently disabled war veterans and veterans who served in peacekeeping missions and operations. This exemption also is available to a surviving spouse/civil union/domestic partner who has not remarried.
Click here

For information about State Property Tax Relief Programs, including eligibility criterion and potential deduction or credit amounts, please visit the Division of Taxation’s website at