Buying or Selling a Home in High Bridge:

1.  Final Utility Bill (click to fill out and submit)

  • Generates a final, prorated water bill for the seller or renter
  • Report includes final amounts for all utilities covered by the Borough up to the closing date
  • Required to be filed at least two business days before closing date
  • NOTE: If your closing date changes you must notify the Borough via one of these methods
    • Phone: (908) 638-6455   or  x224
    • Email:
    • Email:

2.  Construction Records Clearance Application (click to fill out and submit) 

  • Required for closing. A report of open construction permits on a property.
  • If the report lists open permits, please call the Construction Official: (908) 507-0194
  • Once the permits have been closed a Certificate of Approval will be issued showing the permit has been closed
  • A new report WILL NOT BE GENERATED without a new C.R.C. request and payment

3.  Continuing Certificate of Occupancy (C.C.O) (click to fill out and submit)

4.  Lead-safe Certification

  • Information about which dwelling are exempt and which are required to register: click here
  • To schedule your inspection please contact a contractor on the approved list found on this page: click here
  • To utilize the Borough’s contractor, LEW Environmental, please email Ken Apen at
  • Proof of lead-safe certification can be submitted to the Borough Clerk. Please email to

Rental Information:

Landlord Registration ApplicationAnnual registration of residential premises is required.

Affordable housing information can be found here: click here

Utility Quick Help:

  • Utility Account balance: Click here
  • Pay Utility Bill Online: Click here
  • Explanation of utility rates: Click here
  • How to update where your bill is sent: (please note this will be done automatically after we receive the new deed from the County or you can do the following)
    1. Submit to the Utility Department: An I.D. matching a deed which has been submitted to the County and a copy of the new deed.
    2. Submit to the Utility Department: A letter from an Attorney involved in the closing stating the buyer, seller, and that the date the closing occurred.
  • Meter wrong? Request an assessment. Email with your name, address, phone number, and request an assessment. A fee of $25.00 will be applied to the utility account if the meter is found to be working after the assessment.
  • Need your water service turned on/off? Please call the Department of Works with your request: 908-638-6588
  • Have a complaint about service? Email with your name, address, phone number, along with the nature of the complaint and we will do our best to find a resolution.
  • Need to recycling electronics / get rid of paint / batteries / plastics? Check with the County here  or check our calendar for information.