Buying or Selling a Home in High Bridge:

1.  Construction Records Clearance Application
This is required to be completed prior to the sale of a home in High Bridge. This report will show if there are any open Construction permits.

2.  Continuing Certificate of Occupancy (C.C.O)
This must be completed any time occupancy changes.
This link will give you information to help you pass this inspection
Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Requirement information.
The C.C.O Officer will contact you once this form has been submitted to set up an appointment, verify payment, etc. Inspections are done by appointment. Please Note: This Fire Alarm Will Not Pass Inspections.

3.  Final Utility Bill
Used for generating a final water bill for the seller for home closings. Will include final amounts for all utilities for the account requested up to the closing date listed on the form. This must be completed.  IF THE CLOSING DATE CHANGES YOU MUST NOTIFY THE UTILITY DEPARTMENT. (908) 638-6455 or by email to

Rental Information:

Landlord Registration Application
Annual registration of residential premises is required.

Affordable housing information can be found here: click here

Utility Quick Help:

  • Utility Account balance: Click here
  • Pay Utility Bill Online: Click here
  • Explanation of utility rates: Click here
  • How to update where your bill is sent: (please note this will be done automatically after we receive the new deed from the County or you can do the following)
    1. Submit to the Utility Department: An I.D. matching a deed which has been submitted to the County and a copy of the new deed.
    2. Submit to the Utility Department: A letter from an Attorney involved in the closing stating the buyer, seller, and that the date the closing occurred.
  • Meter wrong? Request an assessment. Email with your name, address, phone number, and request an assessment. A fee of $25.00 will be applied to the utility account if the meter is found to be working after the assessment.
  • Need your water service turned on/off? Please call the Department of Works with your request: 908-638-6588
  • Have a complaint about service? Email with your name, address, phone number, along with the nature of the complaint and we will do our best to find a resolution.
  • Need to recycling electronics / get rid of paint / batteries / plastics? Check with the County here  or check our calendar for information.