Borough of High Bridge ~ 97 West Main Street, High Bridge, NJ ~ Phone: 908.638.6455 ~ Fax: 908-638-9374

Borough Hall Business Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Trash Collection

  • Trash is picked up on Tuesdays or Fridays and your area is scheduled for one of the two pick-up days. If you are unsure of your collection day or items that will be accepted, please call the Borough’s collection service at (908) 638-0005.
  • Place your trash out the night before as collection begins early in the morning. Bring trash receptacles back into your yard by the end of the collection day.
  • Every bag of garbage must have a Borough of High Bridge Solid Waste sticker on it. Each sticker can be used for 34 gallons or 50 pounds of garbage. If you use garbage cans, place the sticker on the top item in the can so it is plainly visible when the lid is removed by the collector.

In cold or inclement weather, please make sure to attach your solid waste sticker securely with alternate means, such as stapling, to the bag. Stickers should not be placed on the garbage can.

For cleanup items (“bulk” items), use one sticker for each 50 pounds of weight. Reminder: Only one large bulk item such as a sofa, chair, etc., per week. White goods (i.e., a stove), as well as televisions, computers, and construction waste will not be accepted. White goods can be recycled at our one-day Electronics Recycling Event; check back for the 2015 Electronics Recycling Event date. Televisions and computers may be recycled at The Commons e-container. For more information, visit the electronics recycling page.

For more information, refer to the newsletter or Ordinances available online.

Thank you for your cooperation.