Water Meter Replacement

The Borough is replacing old, tap-read meters with new radio read meters. To make an appointment please CLICK HERE to get started.

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Annual Assessment Inspector

The Borough has appointed a new Annual Assessment Inspector, Mark Brong.  The Annual Assessment Inspector is appointed to serve as an inspector to assist the Tax Assessor to further the reassessment program.  The [...]

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Town Hall Video

Click Here or use the link below: https://us06web.zoom.us/rec/play/y0R7SoDtmhkvh-hLjtkGP6RpOW_7q__4eJ_11GN-OVcdk5_KcN1zJT95nE6nVRLFFYZ8EI2eEBuOlM1-.RJ6xKDLKzAiLCKYG?canPlayFromShare=true&from=share_recording_detail&startTime=1686177058000&componentName=rec-play&originRequestUrl=https%3A%2F%2Fus06web.zoom.us%2Frec%2Fshare%2FCHAqWimvh1AsJTsgsNfRz9ECI41VY0DtQ8gBmLI2RK1AnBMtWlizjdhEhfNFaJPh.POdcZghRCD3kJCGa%3FstartTime%3D1686177058000 For any questions to the speakers you may send an email to: Mayor Michele Lee - mlee@highbridge.org Councilman Steven Silvestri - ssilvestri@highbridge.org Councilman Curtis Nowell [...]

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Arbor Day 2023 Dedication

Arbor Day, April 29, 2023:  Mayor Lee leads the dedication of a Norway Spruce tree planted by High Bridge DPW in Borough Commons for future Holiday Events. "Pennies for Planting" funds collected by High Bridge Elementary and [...]

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BOROUGH ELECTRONICS AND METAL RECYCLING The Environmental Commission will not be holding the yearly recycling event this year. Please take advantage of the recycling opportunities available at the DPW garage. Ongoing Recycling Drop [...]

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Elizabethtown Gas is surveying select streets in High Bridge for potential natural gas service. They must receive enough responses in order to extend natural gas service to these streets. If you are located [...]

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Board of Education March 14th Agenda

The agenda for the March 14th Board of Education meeting for North Hunterdon-Voorhees district has been posted on our website. You can use the link below to access. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FKuXsTp0U-W4lOSGByI8DLakwxYZO1dTMVfhDlWpQ7U/edit?usp=sharing

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